Tokyo, Day 14

Alarm got off at 8AM.

I packed my last stuff and checked out. I went to the metro and had luck to get the correct one (and appearantly it was rush hour as it was totally crowded).
I ended up shortly before 10AM at Haneda and checked in my luggage and went to the hand luggage check-in. Was quite fast although I was a bit concerned that my umbrella would need to stay behind x_X (the new one I bought in Japan shortly before the rain stopped ad didn’t return anymore :D)

I then went to shop some food friends asked me to check for – found and bought it, of course – and got myself some sweets and drinks for the waiting as I still had over 1,5 hours to wait for my plane to start.
I took some pictures of starting planes while I was waiting.

Finally in the plane I endured hell – if I thought my first flight was cruel, this one was overwhelming: Before me a couple that couldn’t decide if sitting straight or not and every hour (even when the lights were turned off by the crew) the guy checked if the sun is still up outside -_- of course it was, flight was in the middle of the day -_-
And besides that there were 2 other women sitting close by traveling with that couple who were blabbering all the time and stood up and set down again lots of time – far worse than the 2 Japanese I had in my first flight who were running for the toilet every hour -_- seriously.
At least the Japanse guy next to me was nice. Something good.
But to be honest: Service by the crew really lacked. Was worse than first flight… no headphones at our seats, were not provided until I asked for it. They forgot to get trash – we called them back to get it… it was like being non-existent.
And turbulences so a kid started to scream every 5 minutes when we made a “bump” in the air.

Finally at Munich I was dead tired and great new surprise: Pass control. With a 20 minutes queue. Because 4 counters were open with “All Passports” and for whatever reason everyone from non-EU was standing in line at “EU” counter. Seriously! What the heck!
Talked really nicely with the guy who endured that bullshit and went further to the hand luggage check. Another 15 minutes wait because of the Taiwanese people in front of me suddenly calling all their travel members. So instead of 2 I suddenly had 10 Taiwanese in front of me and felt like: What the fuck are you morons thinking?!
Told them to fuck off and get in line but they couldn’t understand a piece of English nor German…
than they managed to block the exit control – standing in front of the exit for luggage so I was in need to wait another 5 minutes until they finally managed to get it into their chicken brains that they are in the way.
The control guy at the exit was nearly screaming at them to fuck off there as people were lining up like crazy and they could not get anything further through the control (so he was nice to me :D)

So after I made it through that zoo I finally ended up at my gate… with another 2,5 hours to wait for my flight. Hooray.
I was so exhausted when I got into the plane. I did not eat the sandwich I received and tried to sleep but the seat stitches were pressing against my spine and the atmosphere felt wrong to sleep in (yes really).
Staff was also really awkward. Felt like they just wanted to rush everything – the greetings, food and not even any signal we would start landing process soon. It was like “bam” and here we are.

I just wanted to get out.
I went to the baggage hall and got my luggage (which thank god was really quick) and rushed out of the airport – I was also glad there weren’t any controls for pass or customs. Would have seriously ticked me off after being in airports and planes for over 17 hours.

I could jump into the train but I really felt it would be the wrong thing to do with all my luggage (suit case of 17kg, backpack, heavy bag with duty free stuff and umbrella, camera bag) so I went to get a taxi. This was worth the money. I was home at 11PM after landing at 10:25PM. Well spent money. First time I ever took a taxi alone but I was so glad to be home earlier than with train and bus.

Especially after such a horrible day.


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