Tokyo, Day 12

Another day I was woken by an alarm that was not turned off….
Today I at least figured which room it came from. After it was beeping for 10 minutes I went down to the reception and asked for help because I really wanted to sleep -_-

The guy called the room and told me the person took the call and hung up immediately – he sent me back to the room as at least there is someone in the room and maybe the alarm is off.
Which it was. Thanks god! Finally sleep (although I was kinda pissed as it was the second night some person didn’t give a shit about the thin walls).

I woke up at 9AM when my alarm went off and put it on 9:30AM to roll over… then I got off to watch animes untill 11AM 😛 (my priority was Fairy Tail at 10:30AM so I was doing some luggage sorting before)

I left the hotel shortly after 11AM and went to Shinjuku Gardens. It was really busy there as the weather was really nice (warm and sometimes a strong cooling wind) – made a nice walk round there and left tthrough another gate than the one I got in to explore a bit the surroundings… I tried to walk back at the park’s outside but somehow I ended up taking a stroll through part of Shibuya Ward and Minato Ward before I ended up on Omote-sancho. (Yes I somehow made it there walking from Shinjuku haha)

I took the train to Shibuya and strolled through the area, made it to Harajuku (to walk around there as well) and took the Yamanote Line to Akihabara (for some more shopping and also to get my first food of the day) before switching to my metro for hotel.

On my way to the hotels I met two guys who were lost and could not find their hotel, helped them to find it 🙂

I was really tird when returning to the hotel – finally time to relax. But no time to open the window because there’s a really strong wind that blows through the whole room although the window can only be opened for 15 cm… waaah. I hope it does not rain tomorrow or maybe at least it should be a thunder storm (actually when returning to Tokyo yesterday we saw that it rained – in the news I saw it was a thunderstorm – damn I missed a thunderstorm!).


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