Tokyo, Day 11

Waking up at 4AM because room neighbor put on alarm and didn’t care to put it off… so it was ringing for 1 hour…
woke up again at 7:30AM to get up and meet a friend of mine in front of my hotel.

We then went to Shinjuku, bought some food and went on a bus trip.
The weather was nice, so we could see Mount Fuji really nicely.
Even the guide on the bus was totally happy about it. The bus brught us to a sakura field with view on Mount Fuji.
It was getting chilly there… i wished I had brought a jacket.
We had lunch there (bento provided by the bus company and got taiyaki with sakura-anko filling *yum*) before we drove to a farm (Now I was glad I didn’t had the jacket ith me :D) and could eat a soft ice and buy souvenirs.
I got a small cow plushie there – it’s so uber cute.

After the break at the farm and enjoying the sun we drove to really awesome waterfalls which we could enjoy in another break. One of the shop owners there had some pets: The cat was sitting in the middle of the way and did not move – patted her 😀 and still she didn’t move.
A shiba inu was sleeping on a sofa and I asked the shop owner if it would be okay to pat it – she agreed but warned me to not get near the dog in the cage: Kai inu.
He growled at us and showed his really big teeth. Really amazing.
The first one I saw in real (since I thought it might be a nice dog to keep somewhen in the future I never saw one in real – only pictures).
The owner told us they have in total 6 Kais: 2 parents, 4 kids and how hard it is to handle all of them – they even ned to take them separately on a walk.

As we didn’t had much time left we rushed to the toilet before we sat again in the bus. Estimated time in Tokyo, Shinjuku was: 7PM – 7:30PM but we left the falls at 3PM. So we thought we might be back at 5PM.
After a short break in Ebina we went back on the highway when we ended up in a traffic jam caused by an accident.

Still we made it back to Shinjuku at 6PM.
I really enjoyed this day 🙂

I was really tired but still went to Akihabara and bought some stuffies (for fangirling :D) before returning to my hotel.
At the hotel I found out I lost one of my keychains somewhere in Akiba (as I still had it until then) – I was really sad and still can’t figure how it happend 😦


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