Tokyo, Day 10

Gundam Time!

*coughs* I mean: Odaiba time 😀
I’m not a great fan of Gundam but still… some things you need to see even if you’re not a fan.
Today was a beautiful (and not so warm but really windy) day.
Took the metro and train to Odaiba. the travel is already worth it because Yurikamome Line is a train where you have huuuuuge windows also in front and back to have a nice view!

I got out in back of Palette Town where also the big ferry wheel is located. I was too early to take a ride – it was still closed.
I walked for 10 minutes and stood in front of Gundam *___* huuuuuge badass. So real in life size. Thought it would move every second haha.
Another short walk brought me to the Fuji TV building and the beach side with a small statue of liberty 😀
Taking pictures in the right ankle there has the rainbow bridge and the Tokyo Tower in background 😉 Took the train to Shiodome – again with Yurikamome.

I wanted to go to Hama Rikyu but due to construction works whole traffic is changed… took a bit longer to get there but I eventually made it.
This is one of the parks that cost money but great investment to rest and take a nice walk (and see beautiful fllowers and trees). A Japanese woman talked me up at the pond 😀 was really funny and unexpected.
On my way out I saw a 300 year old pine tree that grows slowly to the sides. To prevent it falls over they have wooden sticks below the arms. Looks kind of weird but really awesome – in its own way.

I left the park andmade my way to Tsukiji market – fish~ not so much. Was kind of late. Not many people either (thank god)… i bought some cute chopsticks and talked with the shop owner (a nice woman) about Shingeki no Kyoujin – in Japanese 😛 Was fuuuun~

My next stop was Akihabara. As I just made a small rush through some shops with my friend I wanted to check out the area a bit more… and found the “Tales of Shop” at Kotobukiyas 2nd floor *____* Fangirling time~ wooooh~

I spent 45 minutes in the shop… *drop* and went to another shop for some gashapons (yea finally all 6 of the Vocaloid keychain figures – more fangirling~) and bought some Cream Puffs on my way to the hotel. I want to die. These are soooooo good. *___*

And now I’m watching animes 🙂 without subtitles but for whatever reason I don’t seem to need them haha.


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