Tokyo, Day 9

The sun was shining so I went for one of my longest days… intense, warm, but I’m glad I did it.

First I woke up because cleaning staff was running through the floor earlier than the last days. Well, nevermind, I waited for my alarm to go off before I moved out of my warm bed *lol*
After leaving the hotel I went to the metro station and took the metro to Asakusa, where I changed lines in direction on Ueno.
I went throught the Ueno Park and entered the Ueno Zoo – for the best time of the day as I found out later because every animal was either sleeping in the sun, waiting for food, running around restless in wait for food or already eating. Got some nice pictures there – really nice ones are those of the polar bear I took while he was diving for the dropped food.
In the zoo for kids (where all the animals to touch and pat are) they hadd a touching hour from 10:30-11:30 with small white mice. Cute mice!
I got one on my hand… I tried to take a picture but my object couldn’t get the zoom ready as it was moving a bit fast.
The mouse pooped in my hand while I tried *haha* so I went back to the person who gave me the mouse “Koitsu wa te ni unko o shimashita” and she was totally panicked and sorry for it *lol* and wiped the poop away after I released the small mouse to its friends 😛
Was really cool – I mean I am used to worse as I had gerbils but the mice were really cute and it wasn’t stinky plus there was a cleaning tray just outside around the corner. Nothing to be mad about.

After enjoying my morning in the zoo I checked out some nearby shrines (there are so many in and around Ueno Park) and went back to the metro to take off to Skytree.
It’s really expensive to go the first observation platform, second is adding to the already high price. Only went for the first platform and bought a souvenir for myself (also expensive) then went again down and took the metro for Tokyo Tower.

On the way to the tower I entered Zojoji Temple. This was the first temple the shrine security wasn’t hasty to get in when someone tried to take pictures of the inside… and man it’s a really gorgeous inside!

I made a detour through some other street (actually by mistake) and found abandoned gates. Both really nice ones but no one takes care of them so color is rubbing off and statues aren’t cleaned ;( So they still look beautiful – in their own way.

At Tokyo Tower I bought a ticket for both observation decks. Barely anyone there. So except for some Japanese elders and a British family I had the tower for myself 😀
It’s really funny that there are windows in the floor on the first observation deck. So you can look all the way down to the ground (350meters).

Got a souvenir here too 🙂 so now I got a small Skytree card holder (in yellow with Kaminarimon in front of it) and a small Tokyo Tower (in its original colors) – although the tower is bigger than the tree (price-relevant as  I did not want to spend double for just 10cm more)… and I’m tired after this exciting day.


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