Tokyo, Day 8

Another gray day. So at least it was not raining (yet).

I got up pretty late as I was watching a really interesting drama 😀 and went to Tokyo Station.
It’s so crowded… even rush hour on Yamanote Line is nothing against it because you simply can not change directions. People will fall over you if you do that in a narrow area (and there are some).

Actually I did not know where to get out because I could not get to the direction card because of above mentioned reason *rofl* so I ended up walking in a circle through the whole station- which wasn’t bad because I got to see the “Kitchen Street” – there’s so much food *_* and the restaurants look really nice (at least on the floor below ground level).

Finally I got out at the right side and could take pictures of the front of the station and went to the Imperial Garden…
to be honest it was a good idea to do so because if I would have gone to Ueno Zoo today and instead to the Garden tomorrow I would have regret it (because of heat: They said in news earlier it will be 22° C tomorrow so it would have been hell in the city center).

After the garden I wandered around a bit in the city center before making my way to Kanda to visit a famous Kyudo shop.
(I thought about going to Tokyo Tower but will spare that for a better day with nice weather.)
It’s a really nice one and I bought two new inner gloves (although I prolly will not use both immediately but at least I got some spare and more exciting ones than the white one I have).

Bought food at Family Mart and went back to the hotel. Was kind of a lazy day 🙂

*** Actually ‘m quite addicted to Lipton’s Milk Tea now. It’s so sad we don’t have that in Europe Y.Y ***


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