Tokyo, Day 7

Known as the day a 6.2 earthquake shook Tokyo at 5.18AM – that’s what the media makes out of it. In reality: The epicenter was in the middle of nowhere in the ocean, 160km below surface. 6.2 magnitude. shock waves of the quake were felt in Tokyo too. I woke up at 5.18AM as I heard a big noise like a thunderstorm rumble and my bed vibrated. I went to the window to check out that thunderstorm when suddenly the room moved from left to right and back. Wasn’t strong at all – felt more like being on a ship and cruising through waves (hotel room is on th floor). Went back to bed at 5.20AM. My first earthquake. Over in less then a minute and felt like a smooth roller coaster. The really scary part that every news (except Japanese) scares the people to death with reporting a 6.2 quake that shook Tokyo while it actually was felt as a level 4 because epicenter was too far away… I mean prolly it WAS a 6.2 at epicenter but why scare the whole world when close to nothing happened in Tokyo itself as metros/trains were stopped and speed restrictions added on highways 😦 No more than a handful people were injured… no one died, no tsunami warning. So for my day after waking up through an earthquake (which honestly felt unreal) I decided to change my plans and not to go to Ueno Zoo. I planned that last night but as I checked the weather when going outside it was about to rain soon and I changed plans – went to Roppongi instead. Best choice ever! It started to rain when I got out of Roppongi station… didn’t had my jacket or an umbrella so rushed to find a conbini or at least a roof above my head. Found it: North Tower – one of the big landmarks I wanted to find anyways. I went underground in direction of Mori Tower and West Hall. Checked out the (really expensive) shops in West  Hall before heading outside to go to the top of the tower to have a nice view over the city (rainy, clouded but who cares). Buying a ticket for Tokyo View includes entry for the Mori Arts Museum. First I went to the 52nd floor of the tower and took pictures from the observation deck… then went to the museum but wasn’t so fun BUT I saw Conan – special guest for “Kodomo no Hi” at special times. By coincidence I was there at one of the special times 😀 Went down and outside – rain stopped meanwhile. I crossed the underground and went to Tokyo Midtown. Paid a visit to Konami’s shop and had lunch at the Galleria of Midtown. Then went outside and visited Hinoki-Cho Park. The area around is really busy but the park is so damn quit *_* Met a British guy with his Labradoodle “Oscar”. I patted the dog so soft fur~ and took some really cool pictures of the flowers and trees. Really loved the pond in the park. People can’t bath in there but the birds do *lol* After visiting the park I went back to the hotel. I could have gone to Odaiba but I want to see the Rainbow Bridge and Gundam with best conditions and not half-rainy/grey 😦 Will keep that for some other day 🙂


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