Tokyo, Day 6

My alarm went off at 6:30AM – I put it on 7AM and turned around to sleep again. At 7AM I turned on the TV (although my plans for that day were different) and watched some anime 😀

It’s so cool how much I actually can understand without subtitles :3

10:30AM I left the hotel and took the metro to Yoyogi. I found my way to Yoyogi Kyoen and wandered around until I got to Meiji Jingu.
Such a nice temple! Took lots of pictures when I saw a wedding ceremony passing by – lucky me.
The guards made a line in the middle of the place and I was the first in line to take pictures. Double lucky.
It felt like all of the tourists were some paparazzo because suddenly everyone rushed in front of the ceremonial walk although no one should rush around on temple grounds.

When we ended up at the place they took their family pictures, an American woman pushed me aside while I was already at a nice spot and I hit a French woman by accident as I tried to gain my balance, apoologized immediately. But the French howled at me: “Watch it!” and American barked at me too…
I was like O___O what the hell did I do?!
I just turned away from the French bitsh and took my pictures next to her – dismissing her elbow in my stomach – I mean seriously: I hit her accidentally because of that American slut and she gets her elbow in my stomach as it would be normal…. yaaaaaaaaa some people are so selfish, even (or especially) on holidays.
In the end I took the better pictures because I switched places and object lenses (I’m so glad I bought that new telezoom before I went on the trip).
After stalking that wedding couple I went back to take pictures of shrine ground and bought souvenirs.

Then I went to the inner garden… it’s so worth the 500 Yen. The garden is really nice although some flowers are not blooming yet.
And the Koi are so damn big *_*

After garden time I walked back to the station, bought some food (and sweets – first time I try Kitkat Maccha) and went back to the hotel to chat, put up the blogs and relax (as my feet are still hurt by the last days although it was less warm then yesterday or Friday – or maybe that’s imagination because I was in park area most of today :D).


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