Tokyo, Day 5

This was an awkward morning… the people across the floor were really loud when returning at night (1AM) and in the morning (5AM-7AM)  – I felt like smashing pumpkins would be a nice idea… got up with my alarm at 8.30AM and went to the station to pick up my friend who was on time today – hooray.
We took the metro and train to Maihama, Tokyo Bay.

We got some food and ate in front of the station before being on our way to Disneyland Tokyo.
So busy thanks to nice weather and Golden Week.
After entering and taking first pictures we went into “Small World” (or something): It was so horrible…. same song playing for ~10 minutes while you are watching puppets dancing/singing from a boat. It was fun but that song was stuck in my brain for 5 hours x_X’
After that we went to Space Mountain and lined up for 120 minutes… while pidgeons were having sex nearby. Really. I’m not joking x_x
Finally we were in and got our 2 minutes drive. Afteer that we went on post card hunt…. which finally ended around 4PM in the 6th shop (which did not had “Happy Easter” cards).

We had Pizza for lunch and tried to get in line for Splash Mountain but another 1330 minutes waiting time – nooooo, we did not.

But we got in line for Thunder Mountain – waiting time of 120 minutes displayed but we actually were there already after 60 minutes 😀

To be honest: I did enjoy that day. I did not enjoy Japanese people being rude (cutting ways, bumping into me and friend and also rolling a child’s car over my foot). I kind of missed the arrows on the ground to support where to walk as it is usual in train/metro stations 😀

After hours in Disneyland (yes we actually went through the whole thing) we went to Akihabara to buy stuff. On our way there we saw 2 falcons and an owl handled by people on a bridge. Was so cool!

Back at the hotel I finally got myself to use the ass washing buttons….*rofl* weird feeling. Really.
I wanted to chat with people on facebook and create this blog post but actually due to strong wind and some disruptions in our internet my wifi connection broke down every 2 minutes and could not reconnect for 5-10 minutes 😛 As weird as it sounds i was kind of glad for it so I could go to sleep a bit earlier (my feet hurt really badly from walking around in warm and humid weather and getting hit by people/child cars).


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