Tokyo, Day 4

I got up again at 8.30AM to meet my friend at metro station Higashi-Nihonbashi at 9.05AM so we could travel together to Mitaka.
My friend just made a bad mistake: She got into the wrong metro… and forgot that my cellphone does not want to connect to internet (well it does, but not everywhere so it’s in the hotel working only as an alarm).

So we started at 9.35AM… We had breakfast in front of Mitaka Station and then went to walk 1200 meters to Ghibli Museum. Really amazing that some street parts have glittering material on the ground. Looks like mirror splinters :O
The museum llooks so nice and fun outside – pictures are only allowed outside. The entry cards are really cool (movie strips from the Ghibli movies) but the inside kind of disappointed me – of course there were lot of families (Golden Week hooray) and school classes but more the exhibition was a bit…. hmmm…. dunno, I expected more. Although the prism caused by several lenses and lights were really awesome (Physics classes there would have been awesome).
I really liked that they put the robot on top of the roof and not on the ground, because it looks way more awesome there 😀 (and a nice waiting queue in front of it)

After leaving the museum (and buying some souvenirs) we went back to the station and found a shop on the way that is called “Getränk Laden” …we laughed so hard. Something German (with wrong grammar) in Japan.
We got some food (in my case – she only had an ice) at the conbini near the station and ended up in Shinjuku where we got lost again thanks to the non-existent orientation skills of my friend (who again wanted to show me around…)
At least we checked out some Gothic Lolita Shop and a Music Shop she wanted to check out.
I confused a shop assistant with my Japanese. He expected English so he didn’t get me, I tried with English and he didn’t understand either, so I retried Japanese and finally I got my stamps for postcards 😀
Then we went to Square Enix headquarters and Artnia cafe/shop.
Too bad the life-sized Sephiroth is not in that new shop – guess they put that statue into the headquarters… which is not open for public.

At least we went to Harajuku to check out shops, buy stuff and make fun pics at a shop made by the owner 😀

Can’t remember when I got home but it was already really dark~ (and no I wasn’t drunk, we just spent a looooot of time in Harajuku)


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