Tokyo, Day 3

I got up at 8.30am to meet up with a friend at 9am at the tourist information center in Asakusa. We checked out the 8th floor (sightseeing deck) and the doll exhibition at the 7th floor (not there anymore as it ended on 2nd of May).

We went then to Senso-ji and praid at the small shrine next to it – bought also some charms there.

We had lunch in Asakusa before we went to get me a Pasmo card (prepaid card to use trains / metro) and to Akihabara. Heaven! So many nerdy thing there. Of course we went into the stores: Gamers, Kotobukiya, Sega game center – shopping and gaming. Yay.
On our way to the AKB48 cafe and Gundam cafe we saw a cat “on line” … yes, I mean a leash. Really funny one! And was so cute how it stayed near its owner.

After that we went to Shibuya…. HACHIKOOOOOOOO !
And we used the famous crossing (which in reality is way smaller than in movie images….) – twice.
Because my friend has no sense of orientation and gets lost when she does not know the way. It was really weird to walk around like this (to be honest my feet were on strike really often because of the useless walking here and there).
We went in circle twice before I had enough as she could not find the shop she wanted to show me…. grrr. in the end we went back to Asakusa to enjoy really good soft ice and I joined her for dinner (got a tangerine jelly for me).

Then we went back to our hotels, so I could find out i nearly spent 200 EUR that day 😛


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