Tokyo, Day 2

After waking up at 3AM I went to bed again at 4AM (after chatting on Facebook) and slept until 9AM when suddenly cleaning staff was talking outside of the room. Glad I had the “Do Not Disturb” sign out… at least they didn’t open the door 😀 Fell asleep again and woke up again at 11:30AM when I actually got up. I didn’t had any plans for today as I knew before I would be mushy from jet lag. Although it wasn’t that bad I didn’t had plans the weather was: Rain.
And I didn’t bring an umbrella or rain wear from Netherlands. Thank god I have a good weather jacket which brought me clean and dry through storms already.
So I took off for Asakusa again – Tourist Information again to receive a free Wifi card (which is bullshit as it only works at specific locations *lol*) and to go to the exhibition deck on 8th floor. On my way down I visited the doll exhibition (still there until 2nd of May). So nice small dolls x_X
After taking pictures I went outside into th rain… and missed my chance to buy a clear umbrella.
Went to Nihonbashi to see the famous bridgeand returned to the train station after getting some food for lunch (croissants, milk tea and pudding) and dinner (ramen and fruits au lait) for 693 Yen.
I was soaked wet when I returned to the hotel – from toes to knees only 😀 still not nice. Took a hot shower and had a late lunch at 3PM. And damn that milk tea is addictive! same with the fruits au lait! X_X

Tomorrow I’ll meet a friend at Asakusa to go shopping in Akihabara and maybe Shinjuku/Shibuya.


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