Tokyo, Day 1

Here comes my travel log – part 1. Yay!

After getting up, bringing down the trash (as I want to avoid it starts to live in my 2 weeks absence), feeding the snake and packing the last stuff for my travel I started for my big journey…
first i got the bus to the train station Heemstede-Aerdenhout, then took the train to Amsterdam Sloterdijk and switched to the train to Schiphol.
At Schiphol I got the last amount of money from my bank account and bought some presents and went to check-in my luggage which went uberfast.
After that I let myself and the hand luggage check and went to my gate…. with 1,5 hours of waiting time at hand (which was used foor loooooong Facebook chats *lol*)

My first plane was a small city hopper machine by Lufthansa. I was sitting on the wing (yay I love wing seats) and next to an American woman named Charlotte who was traveling with her friends to Chicago. Sadly I didn
to talk to her until we landed as she was talking to friends and I asleep 😀
I was only awakre for food time – had a sandwich with mozzarella, eggplant and zucchini (and overslept drinks time).

After landing and a small toilet break I had another 1,5 hours time… which I again used for trolling on Facebook.
This machine was a biiiiiit bigger than the first machine to carry lots of people – mostly Japanese who went to Japan for Golden Week (28th of April – 5th of May). I should have been next to a Japanese high schooler but she did not want sit next to me and her female teacher seated next to me – at least until the lights  were turned off.
After receiving some crackers, orange juice and the menu for the flight I received the necessary papers to get into Japan.
We received the headsets for the media program – which basically meant: MOVIEEEEES!
After a while (not so long after that) we received dinner: Green Salad with dressing, Miso soup, Fruits Salad, a bread roll with butter, a cookie, and for choice either Chicken with veggies or Yakitori (guess what I took). Another juice and a water followed my meal.
While having dinner I watched: Ender’s Game… while I actually could watch 3 other screens too and had 4 movies at the same time: Notting Hill, The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug, Frozen and The Wolverine (the samurai movie).
After I finished Ender*s Game I watched Frozen while again possible to see 3 other screens: Frozen, Frozen Land and The Wolverine.
Finally I watched Frozen Land and went to sleep which turned out to be a bad idea. Just because the 2 ladies across the gangway were getting up every 1-2 hours to go to the toilet while making a ruckus everytime they got up -_- so much for sleep. In the end I was mostly awake and slept maybe 1 hour. Then suddenly when I was about falling asleep really deeply the lights were put back on and we received breakfast: A bread roll with butter and marmelade, fruits salad and mashed otatoes with goulash and cheese. Another orange juice. I fell asleep (yay finally) and 2 hours later we landed.

It was so weird to actually be in Japan. I was so sleepy I could barely feel happy 😛 I was just wandering around – first to the toilet as I was once at the flight and decided not to go a second time (because some Japanese woman had too much alcohol and felt like throwing up next to me while I was waiting in line to go to the toilet – disgusting)… and I was surprised by a really clean toilet with 4 buttons – to spray your ass. Yes. Then I knew: That’s Japan.
I followed the way to the check for my papers and to get my luggage when something was sniffing at me: A drug dog. Cute to be honest. They use black Labrador instead of German shepherds I’m used to. A second one checked me out… than a 3rd one *lol* then I got up as I saw my luggage coming my way (and damn some people really are so damn annoying with waiting directly in front of the luggage band while other people want to get by because they want to get luggage too….grrr) and went to the exit when a 4th dog came to sniff – seriously 😀 They’re so damn cute I wanted to pat them :/

The guy for customs waved at me… my first time ever to get checked by customs. Handed in my customs paper, unlocked my luggage and let him check while we talked that it is my first travel 🙂 was quite fun considering I was deadly tired and freezing because of being tired. Went out of the exit and to the ticket sale for metro cards. Heard I need to get a train ticket but first bought a metro ticket for Tokyo (3 days = 1500 Yen/adult) and received information which station to get out for my hotel and went to the counter of the train company to get a train ticket… and kindly got information how to use it.
Surprisingly everyone in Japan seems to know my company which I gladly displayed with my cool backpack 😀 Was quite fun and felt weird (as in Germany everyone was like: what the hell is that? – Japan reaction: I BOOK WITH THEM!!!) 😛
Off I went to the train station where I first was sent by the cleaning staff to use the elevator which was nice. I took the train to Takarachou and got off… and couldn’t find my hotel… so I went into the next museum I could find (yes, right, museum) and asked where to go. The girl there struggled with finding the place and it took another employee and a customer to find the address on a map – and the information that I was short on 4 stations *lol*
So I started to use my metro ticket (which did not matter as it was planned to be used that day anyways) after receiving information how to use it and a short confirmation I’m about to use the correct metro line. I simply didn’t want to get lost again Y.Y (after the people at the airport made me get lost)
But really weird thing: 2 stations close to each other… with different names x_X and I was in need to find out where the station Bakuro-yokohama is.

I got out of the station Higashi-Nihonbashi and searched again for the hotel – or at least the other station…. I kind of went the right way but was not sure and I asked someone who was kind enough to check for the address…. when I saw the hotel’s name flickering through a maze of leaves, thanked the nice woman and went ahead. Finally at hotel!
I kind of checked in at 12:30 while check-in starts at 3PM. Left my luggage there so I don’t need to bring it along anymore and went to Asakusa – this time underground….took me longer than the way on street level but no traffic signals to pay attention too.
Went to the toilet (which surprisingly was also really clean and had buttons for ass washing) and continued to the metro station, crossing the other metro station.
At Asakusa I saw Kaminari-mon and Senso-ji, went down the shopping mall inside and outside, saw some smaller shrines and the 5 store pagoda, discovered some nice side streets where a guy was entertaining passengers with his kendama skills (so awesome!), went to the tourist information center and exchanged money. Then returned to hotel and received the key for my room. My luggage was already upstairs. Awesome. The room is not that big (12 square meters) but has everything a traveler needs: bathroom with bathtube and toilet, bed, desk, tv, even a fridge (free to use) and a water cooker. And of course the toilet has buttons to wash the ass *lol*. I didn’t use it so far. Dunno. Weird stuff.
I went downstairs again to  buy ramen and green tea (total of 350 Yen) and went back to my room for dinner…. and a bath.
Watched my first anime without subtitles in Japan: Majin Bone (TV Tokyo).
Went to bed at 9PM as I was totally exhausted… and awake at 3AM (8PM CET) -_- Jet lag.


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