Trying A Recipe

A friend made a cake… but not in an oven – nooooo: in a rice cooker.

I tried the recipe today too and it works! And the cake is delish~ (so the ground is a bit burned but I guess that is my fault for not oiling it enough 🙂

Banana Cake made in rice cooker 😀


Recipe for cake in rice cooker – please see here the original link for the recipe (German) as I don’t want to take credit for a recipe which is not my own:
2-3 ripe bananas
citron juice
150g flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 tea spoon salt (I didn’t put that in)
80g sugar
1/2 package vanilla sugar
2 eggs (M size)
4 spoons oil

Mix the stuff (I did it with a mixing machine because I didn’t want to have a lot of mess), put in ~50g of chocolate pieces, mix again.
Put oil into rice cooker and coat the rice cooker’s inside with oil. Put in the mixture and press “Cook”.
After it is done you wait for 5 minutes and cook again. You repeat that for 45-60 minutes, check sometimes if cake is good and cake is done 🙂 Really fast and easy (although running to the kitchen to press cook and reset timer was making me feel stupid)

It’s really worth to try that recipe if you own a rice cooker 😀

Trying A Recipe


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