One Week Of Holiday in Germany / Austria

Yay! I’m back *lol*
for a while already but I wanted to get my head to cool down of that cool time I had 🙂

I had a week off from work and I went to Germany for 3 days and to Austria for 3 days.

First I got to Leipzig by train (takes ~8 hours). The initial plan was to go to the Leipziger Buchmesse (Leipzig’s Book fair) and to spend time with friends. I decided to spend only 1 of the days at the fair and instead pay the zoo a visit on the other I had.
The weather was really great (had 25 degrees) and I spent 4 hours in the zoo… watching most animals sleeping 😛
I really love the Leipzig Zoo – it’s worht paying a visit more than once.

I met a friend after the zoo and the next day I was at the fair… it was so crowded. And weird. They gave the cosplayer / manga interested a new entrance so they wouldn’t bother “normal” visitors… it was great not to wait too long at the usual entrance and spending so much time to get into the destinated hall but it felt awkward. And discriminating. Really weird.

The next day I went for my train. I met my mom and grandma on the way as I spent 1.5 hours in Nuremberg… we had a coffee and talked and then I left for the train to my boyfriend’s place in Linz. The trip took me again ~8 hours. I was so happy to see my boyfriend and finally leave the train 🙂
We had some nice days together before I flew back to Amsterdam from Salzburg. And the day after I went back to work – seemed like my holiday was just a nice dream I woke up *sighs*

I do like work but sometimes I wish holidays could take forever 🙂 Soon I’ll have some more holidays~ and for the first time of my life I will leave the European continent to go to Tokyo 🙂 Can’t wait. It’s just 27 more days until then 🙂

But first some impressions of my holidays:

One Week Of Holiday in Germany / AustriaOne Week Of Holiday in Germany / Austria One Week Of Holiday in Germany / Austria One Week Of Holiday in Germany / Austria


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