2nd Kyu Exams


After failing last time in October I obtained my 2nd kyu in Kyudo today! Hooray~

It was really surprising that my sensei got into the dojo after the senseis were discussing who passes/fails and swung his arm and hit me on the left upper arm and swung the other arm and hit me on the right upper arm.

I was totally like “O____O did I pass?”, he grinned and I said “Judging by that smile I did…”
Another sensei said then (as he was watching the scene) “You really improved a lot”

After the results were officially my (training) senpai went to me…. and didn’t congratulate but asked “What happened to you?!” and I was like ….what the hell should I answer… and couldn’t say anything.

I know I am kind of rushing things each training buuuuuuut today was a nice day, I was always told to relax and slow down so TODAY I WAS SLOW.

On the way back home I was told by my senpai who usually picks me up that he also got asked if he did something to me today 😀 so big surprise for everyone that I passed today? (And hit the mato 1st time since last Thursday… and Thursday’s hit was the first in a year?)

So next exams will be 1st kyu…. maybe in October?


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