A Lot Of Cool Things Happened

The last week was weird… and awesome.

Work was busy (and partly annoying) and I had finally time on Thursday (between work and Kyudo training) to check out our new area at work.
Woah~ everything so cool there. And we got 2 new meeting rooms.
One of them is really really reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally cool. Wanna know why?

In November they asked around (via mass email) if we would have nice pictures of travels, sightseeing spots, etc… I sent in three pictures. One was chosen. I knew they would use it… but the way how they used it: Awesome.

The meeting room is named after my picture 😀 “Disneyland” – with a short description and my name next to it. And besides that: The picture got blown up so it’s on a whole wall of this meeting room!

A Lot Of Cool Things Happened A Lot Of Cool Things Happened

(second pic is actually half of the original *lol* could not get the other half on picture as meeting room is too small :D)

I was so happy after I went back to my desk I told basically everyone I met on the way back *lol* and the next day I received a “Mickey Mouse” cup from a new colleague (known him for 1 day and he gives me a cup wooh) :O

A Lot Of Cool Things Happened(Don’t mind the chocolate… that’s mine – and meanwhile eaten :P)

I had bad luck that day with my train but I was instantly happy. 

And in the evening when going home I saw my first frog in the Netherlands… in the middle of my way home.

A Lot Of Cool Things Happened

Next thing I stumbled over was a box of chocolate at my door. Which was meant as an apology of my next-door-neighbor for the noise last weekend.

A Lot Of Cool Things Happened

So cool~

My new cellphone protection came today as well so I can show it off next week when I go on holidays to meet friends / boyfriend 😛

And now I am at home, relaxing. Got holidays until the 19th starting tomorrow… well, it’ll start after tomorrow as I will have my 2nd Kyu exams (2nd try) tomorrow and need to study a bit for it now 😀

And well…. I also received something cool on 27th of February with my pre-ordered Tales of Symphonia Chronicles game: A cellphone bag ❤

A Lot Of Cool Things Happened

Oh yeah, if you want to see cherries blooming: The Netherlands is the right spot right now *rofl*

(and yes, after my holidays I’ll start planning my trip to Japan in April ❤


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