Lufthansa Changes Flight Details

Every month since I booked my ticket to Japan I received a mail that my flight details changed…

first it was the airport (Narita -> Haneda), then the departure time to Japan, the landing time in Munich… now it is the landing in Amsterdam.

I’m not happy with the latest change so I called their customer service who tried to find a solution but could not do anything in the end – offered options: Flight with stop in Frankfurt/Main but arrival time in Amsterdam at 10:30PM as it would be from Munich or flight from 11th of May at 00:25AM to Amsterdam (landing 10:30PM).

Ehm~ nope~

I’m disappointed about all these changes. Really am. I did not want to stay 3 hours waiting at a boring airport and now it happens due to their rotten changes every month. Greatly disappointed.
Not in the service of the lady I had on the phone… she was cool. But I don’t get why I book something that changes every month anyways… 😦


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