Gaming Log #10

After a short break from FF14 (because my boyfriend was at my place and had a slight higher priority for the last 10 days) I went back on playing…
I thought I could enjoy it again after that break and indeed (was getting boring after doing the same stuff all the time) I enjoyed but then:

Emergency Maintenance in 10 minutes…
ehhhhhhh?! Wasn’t there a maintenance this morning? I downloaded a new patch of 20MB (after downloading nearly 2GB last weekend)… what the hell?

10minutes later I was kicked off the server… and I wonder: Why do I pay Square Enix for a service they can not provide as they can’t do a “normal” maintenance correctly and need a follow-up “emergency” maintenance that takes 5 times longer than the normal maintenance…
I think it should be the other way around and appearantly I am not the only one thinking that I waste a lot of money on a game that I enjoy made by a company that doesn’t give a shit to test stuff before throwing it out to the public… >_> It’s like dozens of players are their QA staff (wouldn’t be the first company to act like this to be honest!) But… I Am Annoyed.

Not that this nice afternoon was meant to play the game (as I got holidays), no I can not play before Saturday as I am working again tomorrow to Sunday (and I will have training after work tomorrow plus Friday I will have a late shift which means I can not play in the afternoon nor morning…. and furthermore: I will get Tales of Symphonia Chronicles on Friday – so where the hell does my paid play time go?!)

And besides… won’t there be ANOTHER maintenance on Friday to start the planned event?!

Found out through talking to some friends who play FF14 too that they are pissed as well…

Well done, SE. You got a lot of haters today 🙂

Besides that… I enjoyed my 1 hour of gaming before the server went down… I was kind of excited – wanted to get my monk to 50 but well~ appearantly I should not get it to 50 so soon~ 😦

And my Monk/Bard had some levels when they looked like… uhm… whores. Yes, yes. Right now Bard is 46, Monk 49 but both were wearing the Coliseum set parts… which really looked like “hook me up and you will see what happens if you don’t pay” – here you can see it on your own 😀

Gaming Log #10

and if you want to check me / my character out: Character Profile


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