Review: Tales of Xillia

To be honest… the first Tales Series game that deeply disappointed me.

I loved the animes (Symphonia, Eternia, Abyss), I loved all of the Tales games I tried so far (Abyss, Eternia, Symphonia 2) but Xillia (which was hyped the most) does not get me excited.

I like the details (I do not like the main characters, both of them, nope!), I like the battle system (which is the usual one – hooray) with the linking function … I love the shop leveling system!
But I do not get the bullshit of story they got there.
And I don’t get the skill/stat system which reminds me of a web… while it looks like something that reminds me of Final Fantasy X/XIII.

Most of the fights I’m button bashing like crazy…
I don’t even know mostly what I’m doing >_< and for the rest of the time I’m just clicking through dialogues or on search for the next glitter or treasure chest.

Or watching 30min of storyline before I go grinding for 2 hours without any clue why….(and how do I get that fucking key for that stupid factory?) – not really well balanced.

I’m not talking about the recycled scenarios and landscapes of other games of the series yet – I mean, yes, let it play in another world but actually copy over basically most of the stuff of the other games – yes, some things need to stay the same but really? 😦

In my opinion the worst game of the series.
I completely understand why it was the most hyped one. Too many feature of other games and too American. Not my cup of tea to satisfy my demands as a Tales fan.

Yes I am still a fan but Xillia will gather some dust for a long while (and I am not sure if I will try Xillia 2 – which I have here in Japanese as I bought the special edition with the special controller).


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