City Trip: Hamburg

Woohoo I am back.

The last time I was in Hamburg was… some years ago. Lots of years ago.

I went there on Monday, 6th of January, 2014. My family (mom, grandma, cousin) arrived 4 hours later. So what to do with 4 hours? Well… I went to a hairdresser and shopping *rofl* before I picked them up at their arrival track.
We went to the hotel and relaxed until we went to get dinner at the hotel restaurant. Was really nice and delicious. After that my family went for a small walk while I jumped into the bathtube (Luxury~~~).

The next day we spent with checking out the city and shopping before we went to see the musical “The Lion King”.
The musical was really cool but also weird. Most of the song texts were changed and I was like “I can sing that song…… not” 😀
After that we went to the Reeperbahn… was kind of scary and weird and well… brrrrrr. Kind of disgusting.

Next day I woke up with a swollen part below my left eye. It got worse over the day (while traveling home) and when I got home it was deep red 😦 Such a nice present from Hamburg~
(Meanhwile I went to see my doctor and stayed home from work 2 days so I can treat it without anyone thinking someone hit me)

To be honest: I don’t like Hamburg… really nope. I don’t.


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