“Code Red” In Amsterdam

Storm “Xaver” is rushing across the Netherlands.
Too bad today was a work day as I was at work.
I woke up with abdomen pain and took a pill against it. Everything cool.

All trains going perfectly fine in the morning… the storm came to Amsterdam around 11AM. Suddenly everyone from our late shift area was moved to the early shift – no clue why, probably security reasons.

Then my abdomen pain came back and got worse over the next 2 hours. Right after lunch it was so bad I called in sick and left work at 2PM.
I did not know when I left that the trains stopped going to my direction. So I was at the train station trying to figure what to do next and took the train into the opposite direction, got out at Duivendrecht, took the Metro to Burg de Vlugtlaan and the bus home.

Surprisingly neither train nor metro were crowded but the bus was… I never stood so close to people and the exit door (but I did not want to wait another 20 minutes for the next bus to come).
It was okay…until we got into the traffic jam. The girl behind me started to get nervous and was checking frequently her bag and cellphone. 2 stations after we finally left the traffic jammed area she wanted to get out and instead of holding to something she used me as a bumper for her elbow and luggage – using my shoulder and knee.
My arm went numb for 3 minutes. She left immediately after hurting me/as soon as the doors opened.

At my station it was hailing. At least my jacket proved itself to be waterproof. Else I would be soaked.

So now… after a travel time of 2,5 hours (instead of ~50 minutes) and a hot shower… I am on my sofa with a hot water bottle on my abdomen, a cooling pack on my shoulder and another cooling pack on my knee.
More damage/pain then before I left work 😦


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