Gaming Log #9

What an evening it was…. yesterday. In FFXIV.

After a great day with a friend I had some hours of fun in the evening until the point… where I got annoyed. By. Quests.
Whoever came up with those Arcanist quests in FFXIV…. if I would ever meet that person… I’m not sure if I would congratulate or headdesk that person. Seriously.

It’s mindfuck. Upon lv15 I thought “oh well~”, when doing lv20 I was like “…. oh well~ I died once… but still~”, lv25 was easy but lv30 I was like “FUCK MY LIFE!”
That stupid bish who “helps” you…. died. In second try my Topaz summon and she died…. in third run her topaz, my topaz and she died… It was 10:30PM – me: “I need to sleep soon~ can you PLEASE manage to stay alive F****** B******?!”.
Then I changed my skills from using Bio, Miasma, Aetherflow and Energy Drain to: Bio, Bio II, Miasma, Aetherflow, Energy Drain. My topaz died, her topaz died, the NPC down to 5%, I 100%. YAY! 10:45PM finally unlocked the quests for Summoner and Scholar.
Cool, wanted to go to sleep at 11 something after doing the quests…. ehhhh…. well…. I’m glad I started with the Scholar quest. Which was uncomplicated. Lots of aggro but no death. Summoner was… not so nice. First try: NPC died, summon died, I died. Second try: I got aoe-d. Third try I set my skills on using Bane when the ugly nails were spawned and started running as soon I had the second nail down as I knew the AOE would come and instant kill me again – spamming Bio until all nails were dead -_-‘
Managed. 12:15AM I went to bed. Argh~ (at least my work day was not as bad as these freaking quests)

So now I got nearly all class jobs unlocked. Missing Warrior and Paladin (both Tanks). I don’t like Gladiator or Marauder very much and I basically need to level them close now because I got so much gear for tanks in my selling NPCs that it’s better to just take them step by step each so I can get rid of the armor and weapons sooner 😀 Hell yea~ (nooooooooooo! Whyyyyyyyyy)


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