Gaming Log #8

Hooray. I finished the main story (and got a PSN achievement for it).

After roughly 2 months of playing (and some huge breaks as I was playing Puppeteer, Tales of Graces f, Project Diva f, Final Fantasy XIII, Bleach: Soul Ressurrection) I managed to finish the last 3 Lv50 dungeons (one to finish my Serpent Hunter Log… and I received a cute little minion while doing it *_*) today. Banzai!
Gaming Log #8

I also finally got the mount after finishing the main quest scenario. I was so sad for it when I was in need to leave it behind in one of the quests… Heartbreaking! Really! I was like “Noooooooooooooooooooooo” *stops playing and plays FFXIII* yes, yes but now it’s mine~

Gaming Log #8

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand… I got my Conjurer on Lv30 which means I got the quest for the Unicorn mount. I love it.

Gaming Log #8

Now I am building up my other classes/jobs to have some more fun. Got already White Mage, Bard and Monk on Lv30. Next is Thaumaturge (=>Black Mage).


3 thoughts on “Gaming Log #8

    • It’s really cool.
      I mean yes I do not say that just because I’m a Tales of Series fan…
      it was a bit annoying in the beginning for me but that was prolly because of I was used to the other games before. I really like the gameplay itself and the story 🙂 If you have the chance give it a try at a friend’s place or buy it used (to not pay too much in case you don’t like it)

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