What happened to this small word with so much meaning?

To be honest there was a small hick-up in my nice Saturday feeling today…
the reason was a talk with a friend of mine.

We were talking about a few things and also about the following situation:
Person A who you barely know but still need to get along with (for various reasons) asks you a favor.
You don’t think it’s a bad idea to help out so you do. Person A is happy, you are happy.
A few days later you request help for something… and it gets denied because person A does not feel like helping out. Not because there is something urgent or so… just because of: being lazy.
Some time after you asked, person A asks you for a favor again (not using a question mark but in a way that excels being rude: “Do this for me”)… you refuse because of mentioned experience above and used tone. Person A gets mad, shouts and  argues about it.
So in the end: You do it. You know it is totally wrong but you do it nonetheless – not because you want to or are happy about it but so that person finally shuts up. No happy feelings on your side (but definitely on A’s side).

Where did this kind of nice thing named “gratitude” go?
I don’t think it is common to help every person on earth just because they request it, live at the same place, work in the same company or whatsoever…
It’s actually really rude to ask for favors over and over again and never return it.
It’s not that it should be something like a bouquet of flowers or chocolate but at least a small “Yes” to a counter favor. Or maybe some people really want to get treated like trash and want the question for help like: “Shut up and do this”.

I might think about this a bit too hard (maybe) but as it happens really often nowadays… maybe it’s time we remember 🙂


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