Gaming Log #7

As the new Final Fantasy game got released and Final Fantasy XIV celebrates it with an event I decided to start playing FFXIII again (and bought FFXIII-2 while I was on it).

I did not like the game in the beginning and I did not like to switch characters with parts of the story. It is interesting to play yes, it is fun to switch characters depending on their path BUT some fiends were so horrible to kill -_- especially when I was in party with Sazh and Vanille. I really like the characters itself, I like the gameplay, I adore the chocobo chick but I don’t like playing Sazh. At all. Every fight was a fight with myself not to smash the controller on the ground and stop playing. Graaaah~

I want more Eidolon fights! Got the eidolons of Snow (booh I hated that fight), Lightning (gosh fuck why Odin, why?!) and Sazh (easiest of the three to get despite the fact I dislike playing Sazh). I want more~ I want to know what the others will get >_< (or maybe not get)

But now I’m at the point where I am in chapter 10 and have all 6 characters and can choose who I want to play with… my default team is:
Lightning, Hope, Fang.
Why? Well… Lightning is my very best Ravager (same level as everyone else but woooh~),
Fang my preferred Sentinel/Commando and
Hope… he was the better choice for a Medic than Vanille.

I’m really glad I know some FF games and play lots of RPGs as it makes it easy to determine to run into every corner so I don’t miss out any treasure chest that might be interesting.
What I don’t get is this upgrade system… I mean yes, I got Lightning’s weapon on lv10 (well the noob weapon you get in the beginning) but I don’t get it… status boni are better than other weapons but why do I need to upgrade? Does it makes any sense? … So far I couldn’t see any. Well~

I like the CP system to upgrade jobs/status.
It reminds me of the sphere board in FFX (which I really liked and I can’t wait to get the HD remaster version in December) and I love to upgrade the jobs (maybe it’s just my faible for collecting/gathering).
Now I unlocked all jobs for every character so I got more option with 3x Lv3 and 3x Lv0 jobs *hehe* It’ll get a pain in the ass to level them buuuuuuuuut I will make it *yay*

So after I had dinner/watched TV… I think I’ll log into FFXIV and try the second and third stage of the Lightning returns event… If I feel like it. (Also need to get into the lv47 dungeon so I’ll unlock my Serpent Hunters Log 3 *grr*)


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