Gaming Log #6

Back to FF14 after a few days… and a lot happened today 🙂

First I got some of my crafting jobs on level 22 (thanks to daily company missions) and I started leveling my Pugilist – I got already 7 level (= Pugilist Lv 22) after quests, guildhests, fates and dungeon runs.
So in the middle of a Fate someone rang my door and tried to get me to assign myself for an organization that wants to help African children (it is that time of the year woooh).
I spent roughly 15 minutes talking to them (was fun *lol*) and went back to gaming.

But to be honest I wasn’t so lucky with my guildhests today… the first ones were okay but the last two were like: WDF?!
Tank running around like a DPS and managing to loose aggro all the time with every hit of me or the other DPS;
Heal not healing at all (Tank died);
Group not listening and therefore failing duty
…. geez.

So after my food break I will go on~ (as I want to get my 3rd job after Dragoon and Bard).


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