Delivery Test

On Sunday I found out my nearby grocery store has now a webshop + delivery service.
If you order above 30 EUR it is without shipment costs.
I thought I’d give it a try as I ordered a few times from Albert Heijn (competitor) when I was still living in Hoofddorp but I found them quite expensive (free shipment >75 EUR).

Since I moved to Haarlem I was asking friends if I could borrow them (and their car) to go shopping or I endured the pain of carrying my groceries for long 700 meters (that can take quite a while… and patience… and strength).

I tried. I ordered stuff I need and would need in the near future and finished the order by paying with iDEAL (any other payment – Credit Card, Paypal, after shipment – cost extra). Now I was waiting.
I received a tracking code (!) on Monday morning, expected delivery Tuesday. Today the package came and wow I was impressed (not so much by the delivery guy not carrying the package to my apartment but I managed).

  • Well packed
  • Secure packed
  • Just 4 leftover papers (which secured the content from impacts on the top and bottom)

Delivery Test

I guess I will order again 🙂

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