Gaming Log #4

And another day… with lots of fun and excitement… and head desking (if I would have a desk but as I sit on my couch to play PS3 noooooot gonna happen 😀 )

Well… it was fun so far. Especially after I started yesterday after I got home early.

My lancer/dragoon was 42 when I started… now it is: 44! Yay, new quests…. new dungeons *barf* 2 to finish so I can get next quests/equipment.
Argh. I hate it T_T I was waiting for 1 hour to get into the dungeons (doing quests meanwhile) but I gave up. Gonna try later again.
What I also don’t get: Why are there so many maintenances recently? @_@ And always on a Tuesday (when it was Thursday usually) 😦 I don’t get it… wait I do *had massive lag spikes yesterday*

Now I am leveling my Archer… with Levequests… at least that was the plan… and it kind of worked.
All Levequests Gridania lv1-15 and a few fates gave me 2 level in total = Level 17. I don’t know if I want to pull it to 30 as soon as possible so I can test Bard but hmmmmm…. those dungeons I need to go with my Dragoon… hmmmmmm.

Decisions, decisions.


\\EDIT: Okay, I thought I don’t need to add this BUT… I just ran The Tam-Tara Deepcroft with my (now) Lv19 Archer.. and I was freaking tanking every monster because the tank couldn’t care less about the heal getting hit and just stayed on ONE monster (which was not even the Captain or Boss!!!) -_- seriously. We made it but just because I was kiting the boss + adds through the room -_- hell!


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