I Was Waiting For It

The moment I entered the elevator today was like a: “Ah, so it finally happened.”

Yes, yes it finally happened.
Someone in my apartment block got robbed by some women who were let in by a random neighbor.

So after nearly living there for 2 years and complaining about that kind of attitude to facility management in April (as it was really annoying that some random people who obviously do not belong here were let in by neighbors who just let in everyone and ring at every door to find out if someone is home at a specific time… e.g. at 3 AM) it finally happened:
People got robbed by the scum that was let in.

Now it’s an official hunt for 4 people… who will never get caught…
I really feel like saying: “I saw it coming”
I’m just glad I was not getting robbed by some random scum let in by random neighbor. Too bad for those who got robbed… but seriously. I hope the people finally get some common sense now. But to be honest I think that will not happen.


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