Is It Xmas Yet?

😛 well if you look into our streets here: Yes. Everything decorated.

But also for me personally. Delivery guy brought a package from my mom 🙂 And looooooooots of good stuff in there:

Is It Xmas Yet?

(I think the bed linnen is a memory of when I was a baby as I had a bed set of it 🙂 )


Gaming Log #8

Hooray. I finished the main story (and got a PSN achievement for it).

After roughly 2 months of playing (and some huge breaks as I was playing Puppeteer, Tales of Graces f, Project Diva f, Final Fantasy XIII, Bleach: Soul Ressurrection) I managed to finish the last 3 Lv50 dungeons (one to finish my Serpent Hunter Log… and I received a cute little minion while doing it *_*) today. Banzai!
Gaming Log #8

I also finally got the mount after finishing the main quest scenario. I was so sad for it when I was in need to leave it behind in one of the quests… Heartbreaking! Really! I was like “Noooooooooooooooooooooo” *stops playing and plays FFXIII* yes, yes but now it’s mine~

Gaming Log #8

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand… I got my Conjurer on Lv30 which means I got the quest for the Unicorn mount. I love it.

Gaming Log #8

Now I am building up my other classes/jobs to have some more fun. Got already White Mage, Bard and Monk on Lv30. Next is Thaumaturge (=>Black Mage).


What happened to this small word with so much meaning?

To be honest there was a small hick-up in my nice Saturday feeling today…
the reason was a talk with a friend of mine.

We were talking about a few things and also about the following situation:
Person A who you barely know but still need to get along with (for various reasons) asks you a favor.
You don’t think it’s a bad idea to help out so you do. Person A is happy, you are happy.
A few days later you request help for something… and it gets denied because person A does not feel like helping out. Not because there is something urgent or so… just because of: being lazy.
Some time after you asked, person A asks you for a favor again (not using a question mark but in a way that excels being rude: “Do this for me”)… you refuse because of mentioned experience above and used tone. Person A gets mad, shouts and  argues about it.
So in the end: You do it. You know it is totally wrong but you do it nonetheless – not because you want to or are happy about it but so that person finally shuts up. No happy feelings on your side (but definitely on A’s side).

Where did this kind of nice thing named “gratitude” go?
I don’t think it is common to help every person on earth just because they request it, live at the same place, work in the same company or whatsoever…
It’s actually really rude to ask for favors over and over again and never return it.
It’s not that it should be something like a bouquet of flowers or chocolate but at least a small “Yes” to a counter favor. Or maybe some people really want to get treated like trash and want the question for help like: “Shut up and do this”.

I might think about this a bit too hard (maybe) but as it happens really often nowadays… maybe it’s time we remember 🙂

Thundercats At Work

That seems to have a double meaning which was not intented.

Well~ our headquarters got a cool picture on its wall. I know about it since it was put up there but I could finally see it and take a picture this Thursday~ yay~ 

Thundercats At Work

Once Upon A Time

Meh~ the series is nearly over… and today I found out something horrible!

I need to wait 2 weeks for the next episode… and after 15th of December nearly 3 months for the last episode. WHYYYYY?!
OUAT S3 E9: 1st of December
OUAT S3 E10: 8th of December
OUAT S3 E11: 15th of December
OUAT S3 E12: 9th of March
The series got horrible enough with all the weird turns and introducing side characters in this season but why do I need to wait that long? T_T

Gaming Log #7

As the new Final Fantasy game got released and Final Fantasy XIV celebrates it with an event I decided to start playing FFXIII again (and bought FFXIII-2 while I was on it).

I did not like the game in the beginning and I did not like to switch characters with parts of the story. It is interesting to play yes, it is fun to switch characters depending on their path BUT some fiends were so horrible to kill -_- especially when I was in party with Sazh and Vanille. I really like the characters itself, I like the gameplay, I adore the chocobo chick but I don’t like playing Sazh. At all. Every fight was a fight with myself not to smash the controller on the ground and stop playing. Graaaah~

I want more Eidolon fights! Got the eidolons of Snow (booh I hated that fight), Lightning (gosh fuck why Odin, why?!) and Sazh (easiest of the three to get despite the fact I dislike playing Sazh). I want more~ I want to know what the others will get >_< (or maybe not get)

But now I’m at the point where I am in chapter 10 and have all 6 characters and can choose who I want to play with… my default team is:
Lightning, Hope, Fang.
Why? Well… Lightning is my very best Ravager (same level as everyone else but woooh~),
Fang my preferred Sentinel/Commando and
Hope… he was the better choice for a Medic than Vanille.

I’m really glad I know some FF games and play lots of RPGs as it makes it easy to determine to run into every corner so I don’t miss out any treasure chest that might be interesting.
What I don’t get is this upgrade system… I mean yes, I got Lightning’s weapon on lv10 (well the noob weapon you get in the beginning) but I don’t get it… status boni are better than other weapons but why do I need to upgrade? Does it makes any sense? … So far I couldn’t see any. Well~

I like the CP system to upgrade jobs/status.
It reminds me of the sphere board in FFX (which I really liked and I can’t wait to get the HD remaster version in December) and I love to upgrade the jobs (maybe it’s just my faible for collecting/gathering).
Now I unlocked all jobs for every character so I got more option with 3x Lv3 and 3x Lv0 jobs *hehe* It’ll get a pain in the ass to level them buuuuuuuuut I will make it *yay*

So after I had dinner/watched TV… I think I’ll log into FFXIV and try the second and third stage of the Lightning returns event… If I feel like it. (Also need to get into the lv47 dungeon so I’ll unlock my Serpent Hunters Log 3 *grr*)

Kiba’s New Skin

Kiba shed his skin yesterday (11th of November, 2013). I found his skin really huge compared to himself when I got him out to feed today 😀
Regrettably he could not pull it off in one go – it has 3 parts (a small head part, a part head to belly and belly to tail).

So here’s a picture of the 1,60 meter skin (can’t take a picture of him right now as he is eating):

Kiba's New Skin