Gaming Log #3

Today it will be…. chilling day! Hah!

And it looks like this:
Gaming Log #3

I’d say: Sudden Death. (please don’t believe the screen… it was taken some days ago 😀 actually on 21st of Oct, 2013)

But to be honest… I think I’ll play a bit with my chocobo… he needs to level a bit (and I need to as well) – so he has found his job as my guardian already – at least on pictures he watches over my char already *rofl*
Gaming Log #3

Isn’t it kewt?! Oh yea, actually it’s male as I named “him” Chronos. Haha.
(Okay, I’ll stop with the bad jokes… maybe)


And as I am bored today… (a bit) … I decided to name this summon “Pikachu” (too bad that’s not possible):
Gaming Log #3


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