Gaming Log #2

Fishing day!
I’m joking… not. Oh, I’m talking about Final Fantasy XIV again 😀

Actually I leveled all of my gathering jobs to level 25 and crafting jobs to level 20. I don’t really know for what reason (except that I converted the not needed clothes to materia so I got more space in my chest) but it was fun to do so… and annoying when it came to Blacksmith… gooooooooooooooood! Really.

So 2 hours ago I decided to work on my Fish Guide.
Since then I am traveling to also complete my map locations. It’s rather hard to do so with level 26 knowing there are locations I will not finish yet as I can not even locate the place, e.g. Salt Strand.
I HATE that stupid message telling me that I can sense something I am not able to fish as my level is too low Q_Q It’s so mean.
On the other side fishing up a fish somewhere on a map means it will be registered on the other locations you visited already. Else I would not have the amount of complete entries (while I can not remember completing them actively… except for 2).

And I simply LOVE that skill Mooch. It only works when you hook a “better” fish on the line. It’s so much fun imagining feeding one fish to get another >_< (okay, don’t imagine too much).

I made some nice screenshots but as I will not log out until I need to leave to friend’s place at 4PM I can not upload any right now (plus my USB stick is at work lol) – the fun owning a PS3 🙂 but I think the game itself could not run on my laptop or at least not with huge lags. I’m bound to enjoy the game on my huge LCD TV in HD 😀 what a shame haha.


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