All Experience Is Experience

I just stole this from a TV series. Yes, yes.

To be honest… the meaning of this was not very deep in context of the series but actually it is for myself.
I who started as a shy, introverted girl who was in need to get to kow the real world outside of childhood and protection really fast after moving out. (Hell, this was the best decision ever!)
Some people in Leipzig, Germany still remember the person I was back then… when I was 18 and fresh starting at University. And god how many stupid things I did. Walking in a rainstorm and wondering after why I did not get sick – just as an example of the minor things 😀

My search for work after I failed my math exams twice and stopped studying Computer Science and Japanese Studies was really hard as well. I’m actually really glad I did not waste any more time of my life on studying something I started to hate.
After finding a spot for an apprenticeship I still was bound to 350 EUR/month net but I survived. Somehow. I apprenticed as an office clerk with awesome grades (compared to what I left school with) and was searching for work. I was doing something called “1 EURO job” (which means you go to work 6H/day and receive 1EUR/hour) and found a job in Hannover.
All these nonsense relationships I had… brr. I’m not only talking about boyfriends but also some friendships (most of those I did not felt worth keeping I don’t have anymore).
Leaving Leipzig was one of the worst emotional things I ever did. I still love that city but I was in need to move on after being unemployed for 10 months.

Hannover was not so great… I worked as a Service Assistant at a Car Dealer. It sucked. Literally. I always was the child from the east who was not taken seriously. Tss.
I was half relieved and angry when they told me 2 days after my birthday/2days before probation time end that they will not keep me any longer. Back to being unemployed.

This time it took 3 months to find a new job in Amsterdam. As a translator (my official job title was: Localization Specialist German) for computer games (MMOs).
And I found out why I did not like to live with someone else – at least if it comes to sharing a flat… never ever~
I had some great colleagues who left one after another.. until I did not get renewed. I suffered a lot in those 2,5 years. More then ever but I never felt like it until I finally could rest at home in my last weeks of official holidays I took before I left the company. I lost 7 kilo after leaving the company. Speaks for itself?
I was unemployed for 2 months. This time in the Netherlands, not being allowed to be unemployed for longer then 3 months (else no money) but with benefits of having holiday days to take and getting paid for them.
Wow, what an experience. Weird, but woot.
And by coincidence while I was unemployed I fulfilled one of my smaller dreams: Visit Disneyland Paris.
My actual employment is as a Customer Service Executive. It was not my first choice, I’m honest with that, but in the end the best I could make. Everyday is different, there are no groups. You can speak to whoever you want about whatever you want. It does not matter, it’s a real nice climate. At least I feel like it. And I get food 😀 (I mean I pay for it per month but compared to what I eat/drink per day this amount is nothing)

Yes, I changed a lot over the last years. Physically, mentally, emotionally.
I worked a lot on my personality. I’m not the same person anymore (thank goodness). Even now I changed since February. People who know me from my last job tell me now I am more relaxed about things. Which is a compliment. In my opinion.

So I do feel I need to kick my ass for some things 😛

Thinking back… I would not do anything different as every mistake and failure made me the person I am now. And now I think I should stop before people think I’m suicidal *haha*

Next year will be fun. I have so many things planned: Watching the musical The Lion King in Hamburg with my mom, grandma and my cousin; Visiting friends in Leipzig, going to the zoo and Leipzig’s Bookfair; Going to Japan; Attending the wedding of good friends of mine; Participating in a Cosplay Competition (AnimeCon, The Hague); Going to another cosplay convention.
Basically I took every possible holiday day – except for one – I could take (So I have a leftover of 10 days by the end of this year as I can not plan anything for this year anymore thanks to German colleagues @_@)…


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