Gaming Log #1

Today is one of those days… when I thought: Well, why not go and write a blog? But about what? Well~ yes, guess.

It is about Final Fantasy XIV. The game I am hooked with right now.

Okay, so… after 28 days of trial version I got all classes/jobs past level 15. My main class on 38 (meanwhile 39 with roughly 30k exp points to level 40). Woop. Everything was cool when I went to sleep at 3AM. It was not when I woke up at 9AM. Renovation noise thanks to neighbor living across the floor in my apartment building – hammering, driller, hammering, 2 drillers (it stopped at 3PM… but I was really annoyed by it). So I started playing FF14. It was cool until I had the idea to run dungeons…
As I can only log the search on 5 dungeons/guildhests it is a gamble if you need to wait long or not (depending on other people)… in general my waiting time was never below 5 minutes today… longest I waited for something to happen was 25 minutes (meanwhile I hang up my laundry on the balcony *lol*).
But hell… first run I abandoned… after 3/4 people were the only one actually doing something as one person just went AFK at the start -_-
second dungeon was shortly finished as all knew what to do… third one I never did before but I had some nice peeps telling me what is going on in boss fights so yay. Fourth to Eleventh no issues…
number twelve was a dungeon I never see before but was in need for some monsters so I can finish the Hunter Log … grrrr. We did not know what is going on there, all of us. Planless massaker I’d say. After we figured most stuff and survived until final boss, we ran out on time (first dungeon failed because of that 😀 ), I set myself again on search… immediately got into the same dungeon, another group but only complaints about this, that, blah. Tank did not tank, heal did not heal… only people actually making damage were both DPS (I and another person). Then tank complained my damage would be 0 and left. Healer left after (guess they were a team anyways). I and the other DPS were like: Oh great, we don’t do damage but tank was the one with Lv20 equip…. in a 35 dungeon… ehm…?!
*headdesk* Pardon me, half of my equip is green/red which means “Unique” and near my level – there is simply no way I do not make damage 😀

So now I am sitting here at 11PM… waiting if I can find a group for another dungeon… maybe I will level up in it 🙂

4 thoughts on “Gaming Log #1

  1. Wow, I haven’t had nearly that much trouble in dungeon runs! You do run into some crazy people though. I’ve only been tanking so far in FF14, and I’ve had a lot of fun with it.

    • thank god it is not like this every day… but 2 days ago was seriously stupid 😀 just for this few runs but some people~ are~ amazingly~ brainless~
      On which server do you play?

      • Haha, yeah I feel like sometimes when you get a bad group you just get a bunch of them in a row. Sucks! I’m on Balmung, how about you?

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