Planned Trip To Japan

I could finally book it after 10 years of “maybe I’ll have the money soon/next year” I will manage to go to Japan next year. I’m so relieved. My longest wish and dream will come true. Thanks to saving up a lot of money… well until then it may be.

I will take the plane on 28th of April,2014 and return on 12th of May, 2014.

After our new holiday system at work finally works correctly I could take days off immediately. Regrettably not for my original planned time (7th-21st of April) as there were some colleagues already planning hours in the system and therefore it was not possible for me to take 2 days of these dates.
I found out how to check which dates are okay and even booked some last hours of 2-3 days 😀 which means other colleagues can not get them anymore except they put themselves on the waiting list.

Anyhow… I am glad I got enough brains to check the holiday system BEFORE I booked the flight 😀

Searching for a good flight plan was really ridiculous… I had 10 booking portals open, switching back and forth to filter out the best price – just to find out that most of these websites take service fees or credit card fees. Seriously. A lot of pages were knoecked out due to these things. In the end I was thinking about 2 airlines seriously: Aeroflot and Lufthansa.
I never flew with them (so far only KLM)… I heard a lot of bad things about Aeroflot (except for one friend who flew to Japan with them in September as she told me Aeroflot’s reputation is worse than their service actually is)… I do not like the advertisement Lufthansa streams right now ~_~ … so it was like: 120 EUR more or less or more or less…
In the end I decided for Lufthansa (and booked directly through their website). Simple reasons:
1. Aeroflot stops in Moscow – no problem there, but on my flight back I have a stay of 12 hours (!) at that airport… arrival 5PM, departure next morning 5AM… nooo?
2. Despite being more expensive LH accepts direct transfer of money. Immediately. As I was trying to make my payment of flight directly so it would not appear on my credit card and block that amount (you know, I need to book a hotel as well) it was the easier choice without any additional service or credit card fee. Also I could decide through which airport I’m flying… I chose Munich – I think because that’s the connection I saw mostly on the booking websites before I made the decision. I could have decided for Vienna or Frankfurt but nah~

As I was fed up with all the flight planning I ditched the search for a hotel. I actually searched for it today.
As I received a lot of links from friends and colleagues to book flights I also had a lot of “This hotel is nice” stuff to check. Most of them were already sold out for the time I want to go (or not in my budget) – I chose a nice 2 star hotel near Akihabara – booked through the website of my company: Of course! 😀

I covered all expenses for now… hotel will be paid upon stay so I still got time left for that but I know the estimated charge already – which is good. Flight is paid already.
In total I will pay 1200 EUR on flight and stay only. As I heard a trip to Japan can be quite expensive, does not need to be necessarily. Most answers I got on how much money I should take were: Depends on what you want to do.

So what am I going to do?
My trip will be Tokyo only… basically I want to cover the capital as there is loooots to see and check out. So I will spend my 13 days (12 if I don’t count the last day as I need to fly back) on sightseeing in Tokyo. Of course I want to drop by at the Ghibli Museum… aaaaand Disneyland 😀 I heard some stories that it is more WOW than Paris, so I am able to compare afterwards 🙂

I’m really happy and looking forward to next year.


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