Review: Final Fantasy XIV

Review: Final Fantasy XIVI heard stories.
A lot.
From “Awesome” to “utter disappointment”.
And after a while of really thinking about if I would want to give it a try (after playing so many Final Fantasy parts: X, X-2 (I will play both as remastered for PS3 at the end of the year again :P), III, Tactics, VIII, XIII) as it would be kind of different.
I mean it’s a MMORPG. Not the usual console game as we are all used to it. Well.
After I was sure I was trying to give it a chance there was no question about which platform I would buy it for: PS3!
Although I heard many voices saying the gameplay suffers due to the PS3 controlling but hell~ sometimes I am suicidal.

In the end it turned out to be less suicidal than I imagined. I was not 100% sure if it would be a game for me.
In contrary: I was pretty much sure I would put it aside after 2-3 hours (as I did with Final Fantasy XIII).

I went to buy the game on Thursday (19th of September) – I did not touch it until Sunday (due to work and I know how I react when having a new game). Meanwhile I was playing Puppeteer which I bought at the sametime and is definitely not what I would usually buy but it looked fun. And definitely is. But back to FFXIV.

Sunday after coming home from work and taking a shower: Game CD in PS3, starting installation and download. In total it took nearly 2 hours. And then I found out that I installed it in German and can not change it unless I delete and reinstall the game. Stupid me tried to set up German system on my PS3 to see if my keyboard will be recognized as a German keyboard. The answer was no. Still English despite German system and blah. Delete, Reinstall. Another 2 hours later I was ready to start. Problem now: I did not know which race I want to take! I was thinking about it since a week but the decision…. I decided by looks and created a female Hyur Midlander 😛 (First I wanted to take an Elezen but damn they are ugly.)
Next decision: the class @___@’ Well at least I decided beforehand I want to be a Dragoon, so the choice fell for *tatam* Lancer.
Now for birth date and deity, followed by name – a FULL name. Not just a random nick you give your characters, NO a first and last name. (Goooooood, the creation of my character alone took 1 hour)
So at 11:40pm I was ready to login on a server where 2 of my friends are playing: Phoenix (EU).

But…. Character creation is impossible when the server is crowded. Doh. Seriously? Seriously. So another wait.
Thank goodness there is an option to refresh the server overview every 3 minutes… that was fun. 12:40am (Monday) I logged in the first time with my fresh made Hyur Lancer named “Asteria Odina”. After logging in I had 4 messages at the moogle to retrieve: my collector edition boni. So first shock was: my chocobo armor vanished when pressing “Use”. Oh gosh. I did not really think about, so it took me 6 days to find out where it vanished to. That was when I received my chocobo *lol*
I played from 12:40AM until 5:50AM (I got tired, too old for overnight gaming!). In this time I got my lancer to 10. The next day I went on and unlocked the class Archer and the job Botanist. Wooh! I had lots of fun searching for all the trees to chop them down 😀 Especially after I found out I can also learn the Carpenter job… that was the moment when I was like “Ohhhh so if the main class hits Level 15 I can learn anything? I seeeeeee”. It took me another 2 days to retrieve all other classes and jobs 😛
Lancer is still my “main” as I still want to be Dragoon (requirement: Lancer Lv30, Marauder Lv15)… therefore I level it whenever I feel like it (of course, I try out other classes). Today I will hit Lv30~
Marauder is the only class with Lv15 so far. I need it for Dragoon. Therefore I kicked its ass up to Lv15 yesterday. And finished all class quests necessary. Jesus, I hate playing tank. Really. Not because it is much more ridiculous on PS3 a many people claim (this is something that depends on the person playing, in my opinion) but just because… I do not like tanks.
Followed by Archer Lv8 or so (just because I was in need of some slots in my Armour Chest as these freaking bows I get are blocking slots) and the others on Lv5-6: Conjurer, Pugilist, Gladiator, Thaumaturge, Arcanist.

As I got all jobs possible I have them between Lv8 and 15 at the moment: Botanist, Miner, Fisher, Alchemist, Blacksmith, Armorer, Carpenter, Leatherworker, Culinarian, Goldsmith, Weaver.

Basically it is the first game where you do not need to create dozens of characters to try out every class and/or job. Yay! As I love to try out things I wanted to test out anything anyways but the system itself is really cool.
You can switch immediately between classes and jobs – the only delay is in skills. Class skills take some time until the cooldown is gone – I think that is based on the level of the class (?), not sure but if you know about it you can coordinate. It was stupid in the beginning when I did not know about it yet. Meanwhile I arrange it quite fast and neat.
The only problem: Money. You waste a loooooooot to level the different jobs. Of course, that is only if you do not farm trees, minerals and fishies. But even if you do… it costs gil (the currency as in every FF part).
Also teleporting cost gil. So this is just between the different locations. Teleporting in the main cities is free – just for hopping around between different locations there. Just find every Teleporter there and *badam* it’s so easy. Setting preferred points lowers the costs for the teleports between the different maps. I got my preferred in each of the three starting towns and it is so damn cheap to go there 😀 On the other hand: I could get my chocobo and travel through the whole map but… some areas… I will not last longer than a few steps. Aggressive monsters 10+ Level above myself. Ugh.

So after playing for a whole week I found out how to take screenshots (!!!). It took me one week? No, I just did not think about finding out as there were soooooo many things to explore:
The beautiful maps, killing monsters with combinations of skills of the class used and other classes (this feature will be unlocked at a certain time of the main story and allows to use heals or buffs or check out ressources nearby), using the chocobo hiring service (needs to be unlocked as well but a nice method of traveling without pulling aggro of monsters, on the other hand it takes some time), the retainer system (to sell crap on the market when you do other things meanwhile), the player-made Free Companies (much like guilds) and the Grand Companies (there are only 3 – each for one of the main cities in their typical colors: yellow, red, blue), etc etc etc

I really enjoy playing FFXIV. Yes, I was doubting it, but it was totally worth getting it. The gameplay is really cool, interacting with other players is enjoyable (except the gilsellers which end up on my blacklist) and in total it gives the typical Final Fantasy atmosphere with all these nice animated cut scenes. Also the music is typical for Final Fantasy (so I thought when being in Limsa that I fell into The Hobbit or How To Train Your Dragon as the music was quite similar).

In general I have loooooooooooots of things I like but a few things which get a dislike.
First of all: Changing targets. It’s moronic. At least with the PS3. You target a target, you kill it, you click the button for targeting again and if there is any NPC, player or player summon in between you and the monster – it will choose this other entity over the monster. Basically it depends also in which direction the camera AND the character are looking at. So means if your charater is turned to the left while your camera is straight it will not necessarily mark a target straight but left. That idiocy costs me so much time – especially in instance dungeons.
Next point: Being queued while logged in and logging in immediately after receiving the message 😀 I got the message “Player in queue: 7” – means I am 8th in line, a moment later I was logged in. The next day I received the message for 3 people in queue and got logged in 5 minutes later *rofl* does it make sense? Not really, but at least you know when logging in you are not the first one to get in (or at least hope so). I will not talk about the 1 hour wait until I could create my character (while my subscription already started to run).
Third one: Loading times of areas where a lot of monsters/players are. You can play Fates. Sometimes it is really quiet but in the evening hours… I have lags or I can not see targets/players (forget about the players, I do not give a shit about em :P) or that I hit or get hit. Wooooh~ Either my internet is too slow (with 25 MB?) or the game/PS3 can not proceed the mass of data as fast as I am. Seems to only be an issue when running into a Fate with my chocobo, did not had these issues when I could not use it yet.
Also I find these fighting chocobos so annoying, I will be glad when having my own and annoying others with it when they accidentally target it *muhaha*.

Before I go to play again – some screenshots of my character and my chocobo from yesterday night (First with its usual company insignia – naturally I joined the snakes in Gridania… pardon serpents! And second with the collector’s edition Behemoth set):

Review: Final Fantasy XIV
Review: Final Fantasy XIV



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