Connichi 2013

Finally I find some minutes to put my thoughts about the Connichi 2013 (Kassel, Germany) down. Took a while, huh?

Well~ the train ride was not as exciting as people think… so Deutsche Bahn managed to drive out a 15 minute delay – as usual.
I wonder what for people pay that horrendous money for tickets. Anyways… the hotel was awesome. 4*, perfect nice room and some presents *_*

The weather for the con itself was a bit rubbish… windy, rain, sun, rain, sun…bleh.
Friday I met a few friends (most of them coincidentally), brought my bring and buy stuff away and wandered around the con. Nothing much to say. In the evening I enjoyed relaxing in the bath tube. As I do not have one at home, yay.

Saturday I wore my cosplay: Legretta the Quick / Regret (Tales of the Abyss) – pictures will follow later.
My hair was made by 2 friends of mine at the convention, that was quite fun 😀 Standing near the stairs to the garden and fumbling with my hair. Haha.
So… the weather condition was meh. It was horrible mud, my shoes were looking like I wandered through some deep sh**.
My shoes were the reason I went back to the hotel in the end. They killed me after wearing the cosplay for 6 hours… as I did not sit down somewhere (just walking/standing) my feet were hurting like hell, when I took them off they were swollen 😦 Not nice feeling at all. So the bath tube helped me relaxing. In the end I stayed some hours with friends in their hotel room talking about random stuff and eating pizza. Man, what did I wait to eat a good German pizza!

Sunday was our leaving day… I made my final round, had my first bubble tea ever and left the convention at 2pm. The train ride was okay until they managed to delay the whole thing again… In the end I was home at 10:45pm – in total 1hour and 15 minutes later than planned 😦 stupid Deutsche Bahn and their rail problems.

And I felt like rubbish the day after I got back… seriously. Am I getting too old for conventions?
Besides that I had a lot of fun~ 🙂 (although it might not sound like it from this short summary.


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