Sometimes I Wish I Could Kill With Eye Contact

… sometimes at work.

There is this one annoying colleague. Told him to leave me alone in June… since then he is trying by any means to get my attention, even goes that far that he tells other people I am ignoring him (which is true but why the hell is this interesting for anyone else?!) or asking them why I am not talking to him.

So after 2 months of trying to ignore that kind of kindergarden I sent him a mail to stop pretending we are friends, because we are not and I will not react on any of his “Hello~~~ how are you today, beautiful?!”-etc-bullshit.
He answered that I should not behave like this because he never did anything wrong… and that I am the one being mistaken here.

Wow, what an ego someone must have to actually bend the truth as pleased…
The only things I remember: He made a mistake, involved me, tried to save his ass and blame everything on me.
Which would be actually okay for me if he would not involve several other people in his issues with me.
Since I said I will not tolerate this kind of stuff he tries to simplify communication to “colleague”-like atmosphere… but do colleagues really beg for birthday congratulations or attention? I do not think so.

So in the end… as my 2 months of ignoring did not fruit (as seen today with the lovely answer I received) I will try to talk to someone who might be able to solve this issue for me as appearantly I am not able to solve it directly. *sighs*
Kindergarden, here I come~ I will be the squealer this time to hopefully feel good in my work atmosphere again soon.


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