Hungry Kiba

I finally found a shop in Haarlem that sells frozen mice. So finally I can feed Kiba again with correct sized mice (fed him 2 weeks ago with 2 baby mice provided by a worl colleague of mine who owns a corn snake as well and bought some for me at her store near her place but he looked so disappointed that he “only” got snacks).
I did not have time to check out the shop last week (or more likely I did not go out on my days off, they’re closed on Wednesday, Thursday I had training and Friday I didn’t go either… Saturday my work end was overlapping with their closing time, they’re closed on Sundays) so I went this morning…

I really like the shop and the staff is nice (even if they barely speak English and I barely speak Dutch) but at least I got some mice to feed Kiba the next weeks.
Bought a pack of 15x 15-25 gram mice for 18,95 EUR. Quite the decent price but easier than importing 100x mice from Germany (so importing would be probably cheaper than buying 15x each time but at least I do not need to wait for a delivery)

So I wanted to feed my hungry snake when I got home but despite him being hungry and going after the shadow of my hand in the terrarium he is quite well behaving as usual when outside of the terrarium (= his territory) so I thought to take some pictures on my floor… so it was not the best idea to lie down next to him as he smelled my warmth and rushed towards me 😀 So he did not reach or bite me but it was a weird feeling – so I got some nice pictures like this one:

Hungry Kiba


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