Abunai! Con

To be honest… this was the first con I was completely thrown off…

The location was the NH Koningshof in Veldhoven. I went there with 2 of my friends I met some months ago :3 The location itself was really nice (especially the garden) but I felt the organization was a mess.
I was wearing my half-finished Legretta (Tales of the Abyss) and one person recognized me 😀 more than expected to be honest – but my shoes were killing me so I went as normal person after 3 hours (I really need to train on these boots -_-) – of course after we took some pictures (which I will post after my other convention in 3 weeks).

So first we went to the cloak room to drop off the backpack and stuff we did not want to carry around, after we stopped at the Dealer Room and found our way to the Taiyaki stand (while listening to horrible singers at Karaoke while waiting) and bought some delicious treats 🙂

After that we had lunch (in my case: fries with Sisi orange) and wanted to check out the Games room… but we could not enter because of my bag… so we went all the way back to the cloak room and back to the Games room… where a discussion about the camera bag of my friends started. Seriously.
We went to make another round at the Dealers room and I bough a cute small giraffe plushie.
After dinner we tried our luck with karaoke as one of my friends really wanted to sing but the waiting list was a bit too long for us, so we left.

Cosplay-wise I never saw so many eBay cosplays at a convention…
I saw 20 Sword Art Online costumes and 25 Shingeki no Kyoujin cosplays, 3 Lukas, 5 Mikus … all with the very same eBay cosplay.
Kinda sad 😦
Only a few people had selfmade cosplays (and really nice ones too) but most of the time: *brr* (AKA eBay) feeling.


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