Contact Lense Drama Act 2

Sometimes I really do not regret that I am a stubborn person… because I’m right.
I was at the optrician today and indeed they wanted to give me 2x same strength for both eyes. I refused the left lens as I know since last week that my glasses do not have the same strength on both eyes. My glasses were tested again, my left eye was tested again. Result: another lense with a difference of 1.75 to the wrong lense.

But 2 negative sides:
1. the guy discussed with me that it does not make sense to give me a lense that is 0.25 less than my glasses – so he explained me the same thing I got told in Germany already: lense lies on eye therefore there is a 0.25 difference between lense and glass – I am sorry but why does he not want to give me the correct lense? Took me 2 minutes of staring at him to get the correct lense.
2. he did not apologize. Bad BAD BAAAAAAAAAAD mistake. I made him apologize.

That did not prevent me from paying 35 EUR but in the end I will send the receipt to my health insurance to ask the money back so who cares? … I do actually. I will loose 1 EUR to send the letter.


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