This Week Was Weird

Let’s  start with this Monday… I was off (as usual) and received a package by a drunken delivery man. Really reassuring to know that he drives while being drunk.
I tried to work on my cosplay… I started 5 attempts to sew stuff for Legretta and failed all – after this my room looked like a battlefield:

This Week Was Weird

Tuesday I did not even try to start working on it and instead went to my appointment with the optrician when I had this nasty small experience and went to shopping… because I was frustrated 😀 I spent roughly 75 EUR on underwear, trousers and hair decoration (for my cosplay) *wooh* I got home, fed Kiba and spent the rest of the day working on my cosplay – progress on main upper part (picture does not include trousers and scarf):

This Week Was Weird

Wednesday I started working (Wednesday = Monday for me) at 10 AM -_- I hate it. I love the time around 5 PM because it is chilling but in general I prefer the earliest early shift at 8 AM. Seriously. I am a morning person, I want to go to work early, I want to leave early… I do not know how I will survive my late shifts in September x_X’ Maybe I will switch them… nevermind.
I found out we will get a present for another milestone at work and cake on Thursday *___* and I watched a shitload of animes until 11 PM.

Thursday I started working at 10 AM again -_-‘ A colleague brought some frozen mice for Kiba to work – that was actually really funny 😀 I had also a small appointment with work’s physiotherapist who checked me out at my working place and I asked him if he would have some time somewhen to take care of my neck/shoulder/back issues (it feels really stiff – nothing serious, I would just need a real massage or something). He is a real nice guy 🙂
I got home and saw that Kiba shed his skin. Yay. So I forgot to take it out (actually it is still in the terrarium while I write this *lalala*)… watched newest anime episodes of the day and went to bed after that.

Today my working day started at 10 AM again -_-”’ Now even random colleagues who do not see me often told me I look damn tired, well thank you, but I am still a morning person, I wake up around 6 AM and do not sleep well until 8 AM soooooo yes I look tired :p I had a leftover cake from yesterday for lunch, saved my day.
I read an article that hot chocolate helps to remember and prevent Alzheimer at the age of 73 years when drinking 2 cups of hot chocolate – I do not know if that applies for my age as well, but hey I knew it would be worth something to deny coffee.
I went shopping after work and got myself some chocolate and ice cream… just because I felt like it. Not even cheap stuff, no no Twix and Snickers ice cream and Milka Melos *nomnomnom* I also ordered 4 Insanitees *__* Qwertee is a really nice (and cheap) shop for awesome shirts which also have a better quality than any other clothes shop I know. At least I really love the motive print quality that does not bleed out or gets rubbish after a few times of washing/wearing and the shirt’s quality itself rulez.

So now I will watch Air Crash Investigations and after that I decide for animes or games… until I get to bed and need to wake up to go to work at 8 AM tomorrow – at least an useful time (so Sunday it will be 10 AM again, which in this case I do not mind because no train runs before 7 AM from my train station). Hooray. Only 4 effective days left until I should have my cosplay finished *dies*


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