I was at an optrician today to let my eyes check for contact lenses…  and was negatively surprised.

I got told my eyes are both at -4.00 which can not be true. The guy said it is according to what my glasses has in strength and that the eye test had the same result.
To be honest: I doubt that result.

Before last year I had contact lenses with -2.75 and -3.00. According to this my glasses had: -3.00 and -3.25. A sudden jumpt to -4.00 on both sides… is simply bullshit. A change of 0.25-0.50 is reasonable but a whole point?! Never. And not with the statement of the guy last year who told me my eyesight got better – which means I should have something around -2.5 to -3.00 on one side and -2.75 to -325 on the other … and even if my eyes got worse since last year (which I doubt as I do not have symptoms) it still would not be -4.00.

The other thing: The way of how I got tested really differed as well.
Last year’s shop expected me to get off my glasses for at least 30 minutes before the test – today I jumped into the test immediately after I got my glasses off.
Basically today’s test result is not valid because of these circumstances.

I asked the shop I let my eyes test last year for the results as I am now really confused… and disappointed. The same chain in different towns (no linked data) tells me 2 different things. I don’t care about the test methods – they can have their own by person and what-not but a sudden difference of 1.00 and more is bullshit.
Next time I am going to Germany I will let my eyes test as this is a real unpleasant experience 😦


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