Abunai! Con

To be honest… this was the first con I was completely thrown off…

The location was the NH Koningshof in Veldhoven. I went there with 2 of my friends I met some months ago :3 The location itself was really nice (especially the garden) but I felt the organization was a mess.
I was wearing my half-finished Legretta (Tales of the Abyss) and one person recognized me 😀 more than expected to be honest – but my shoes were killing me so I went as normal person after 3 hours (I really need to train on these boots -_-) – of course after we took some pictures (which I will post after my other convention in 3 weeks).

So first we went to the cloak room to drop off the backpack and stuff we did not want to carry around, after we stopped at the Dealer Room and found our way to the Taiyaki stand (while listening to horrible singers at Karaoke while waiting) and bought some delicious treats 🙂

After that we had lunch (in my case: fries with Sisi orange) and wanted to check out the Games room… but we could not enter because of my bag… so we went all the way back to the cloak room and back to the Games room… where a discussion about the camera bag of my friends started. Seriously.
We went to make another round at the Dealers room and I bough a cute small giraffe plushie.
After dinner we tried our luck with karaoke as one of my friends really wanted to sing but the waiting list was a bit too long for us, so we left.

Cosplay-wise I never saw so many eBay cosplays at a convention…
I saw 20 Sword Art Online costumes and 25 Shingeki no Kyoujin cosplays, 3 Lukas, 5 Mikus … all with the very same eBay cosplay.
Kinda sad 😦
Only a few people had selfmade cosplays (and really nice ones too) but most of the time: *brr* (AKA eBay) feeling.


Complete Tales of Series Collection

Finally I made it. Or: the delivery made it… just picked up the last part for my complete series of games – which games? Tales of Series!

Complete Tales of Series Collection

Complete Tales of Series Collection

From top left to bottom right:
Tales of Fandom Vol2 – Cover 1-, Tales of Destiny 2, Tales of Legendia, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Graces f, Tales of Xillia (Collector’s Edition #13424), Tales of Xillia 2 (including special controller),
Tales of Fandom Vol2 – Cover 2-, Tales of Rebirth, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Destiny,
Tales of Fandom Vol1 – Cover1-, Tales of Hearts, Tales of Innocence, Tales of Phantasia: Naikiri Dungeon 1, Tales of the World: Naikiri Dungeon 2, Tales of the World: Naikiri Dungeon 3, Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 1, Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2, Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 3,
Tales of Fandom Vol1 – Cover2-, Tales of Hearts CG, Tales of the Tempest, Tales of the World: Summoner’s Lineage, Tales of Eternia, Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave, Tales of VS

So now I own every of them (excluding Tales of Phantasia X Naikiri Dungeon as this is a remake of Phantasia and Naikiri Dungeon 1; excluding Tales of Hearts/Innocence R as these are remakes; excluding Tales of Graces as f has more content and all mobile, app, whatever games which do not run on a console), so I don’t know if I will by the Tales of Symphonia collection next year ~hmmm~ but looks nice!

Addiction FTW!

Contact Lense Drama Act 2

Sometimes I really do not regret that I am a stubborn person… because I’m right.
I was at the optrician today and indeed they wanted to give me 2x same strength for both eyes. I refused the left lens as I know since last week that my glasses do not have the same strength on both eyes. My glasses were tested again, my left eye was tested again. Result: another lense with a difference of 1.75 to the wrong lense.

But 2 negative sides:
1. the guy discussed with me that it does not make sense to give me a lense that is 0.25 less than my glasses – so he explained me the same thing I got told in Germany already: lense lies on eye therefore there is a 0.25 difference between lense and glass – I am sorry but why does he not want to give me the correct lense? Took me 2 minutes of staring at him to get the correct lense.
2. he did not apologize. Bad BAD BAAAAAAAAAAD mistake. I made him apologize.

That did not prevent me from paying 35 EUR but in the end I will send the receipt to my health insurance to ask the money back so who cares? … I do actually. I will loose 1 EUR to send the letter.

Review: The Lone Ranger

So I was at the cinema… first time since months… and of course it was a Disney movie, a Jerry Bruckheimer movie, a Johnny Depp movie, a Hans Zimmer movie, okay I’ll stop here 😛

So what I have to say about it? (Without spoiling the story as I think some people still want to watch it) AWESOMEEEEEEEEE! FUNNYYYYYYY!

If you liked Lucky Luke, Zorro and Winnetou (and Jack Sparrow in Indian clothes) WHY ARE YOU STILLREADING!? GO AND WATCH IT!

😀 maybe I’ll write a review at a later time, but for now… I think that is enough … oh forgot: thanks to my friend who was watching with me ❤

This Week Was Weird

Let’s  start with this Monday… I was off (as usual) and received a package by a drunken delivery man. Really reassuring to know that he drives while being drunk.
I tried to work on my cosplay… I started 5 attempts to sew stuff for Legretta and failed all – after this my room looked like a battlefield:

This Week Was Weird

Tuesday I did not even try to start working on it and instead went to my appointment with the optrician when I had this nasty small experience and went to shopping… because I was frustrated 😀 I spent roughly 75 EUR on underwear, trousers and hair decoration (for my cosplay) *wooh* I got home, fed Kiba and spent the rest of the day working on my cosplay – progress on main upper part (picture does not include trousers and scarf):

This Week Was Weird

Wednesday I started working (Wednesday = Monday for me) at 10 AM -_- I hate it. I love the time around 5 PM because it is chilling but in general I prefer the earliest early shift at 8 AM. Seriously. I am a morning person, I want to go to work early, I want to leave early… I do not know how I will survive my late shifts in September x_X’ Maybe I will switch them… nevermind.
I found out we will get a present for another milestone at work and cake on Thursday *___* and I watched a shitload of animes until 11 PM.

Thursday I started working at 10 AM again -_-‘ A colleague brought some frozen mice for Kiba to work – that was actually really funny 😀 I had also a small appointment with work’s physiotherapist who checked me out at my working place and I asked him if he would have some time somewhen to take care of my neck/shoulder/back issues (it feels really stiff – nothing serious, I would just need a real massage or something). He is a real nice guy 🙂
I got home and saw that Kiba shed his skin. Yay. So I forgot to take it out (actually it is still in the terrarium while I write this *lalala*)… watched newest anime episodes of the day and went to bed after that.

Today my working day started at 10 AM again -_-”’ Now even random colleagues who do not see me often told me I look damn tired, well thank you, but I am still a morning person, I wake up around 6 AM and do not sleep well until 8 AM soooooo yes I look tired :p I had a leftover cake from yesterday for lunch, saved my day.
I read an article that hot chocolate helps to remember and prevent Alzheimer at the age of 73 years when drinking 2 cups of hot chocolate – I do not know if that applies for my age as well, but hey I knew it would be worth something to deny coffee.
I went shopping after work and got myself some chocolate and ice cream… just because I felt like it. Not even cheap stuff, no no Twix and Snickers ice cream and Milka Melos *nomnomnom* I also ordered 4 Insanitees *__* Qwertee is a really nice (and cheap) shop for awesome shirts which also have a better quality than any other clothes shop I know. At least I really love the motive print quality that does not bleed out or gets rubbish after a few times of washing/wearing and the shirt’s quality itself rulez.

So now I will watch Air Crash Investigations and after that I decide for animes or games… until I get to bed and need to wake up to go to work at 8 AM tomorrow – at least an useful time (so Sunday it will be 10 AM again, which in this case I do not mind because no train runs before 7 AM from my train station). Hooray. Only 4 effective days left until I should have my cosplay finished *dies*


I was at an optrician today to let my eyes check for contact lenses…  and was negatively surprised.

I got told my eyes are both at -4.00 which can not be true. The guy said it is according to what my glasses has in strength and that the eye test had the same result.
To be honest: I doubt that result.

Before last year I had contact lenses with -2.75 and -3.00. According to this my glasses had: -3.00 and -3.25. A sudden jumpt to -4.00 on both sides… is simply bullshit. A change of 0.25-0.50 is reasonable but a whole point?! Never. And not with the statement of the guy last year who told me my eyesight got better – which means I should have something around -2.5 to -3.00 on one side and -2.75 to -325 on the other … and even if my eyes got worse since last year (which I doubt as I do not have symptoms) it still would not be -4.00.

The other thing: The way of how I got tested really differed as well.
Last year’s shop expected me to get off my glasses for at least 30 minutes before the test – today I jumped into the test immediately after I got my glasses off.
Basically today’s test result is not valid because of these circumstances.

I asked the shop I let my eyes test last year for the results as I am now really confused… and disappointed. The same chain in different towns (no linked data) tells me 2 different things. I don’t care about the test methods – they can have their own by person and what-not but a sudden difference of 1.00 and more is bullshit.
Next time I am going to Germany I will let my eyes test as this is a real unpleasant experience 😦