Epic Story

Only life writes epic stories… or I do: as the main actor of that story 😀

Today was weird. I got up and felt like trash, it got better after a few steps so I went to work. At work this strange headache started in the back of my head… I took medicine.
We could not work between 8:00 am and 8:40 am as our network was dead – they fixed it and we could work.
Sadly my medicine was not working yet and I spent the next 2 hours between customers on the phone, customer mails and headache that spread to the front. I called our team leader line and went home at 10:45 am – where I finally showed up at 1:15 pm.

Usually I need around 55minutes to get home, so what happened?
The weather! … or let’s say: I have weird priorities.
First I went to our other office to see a friend who gave me his PSP and some present *__* (we wanted to meet up that very same day after work anyways so I called him to say: Sorry, can’t, but can we meet shortly?)
I took the Tram to Centraal Station and took the train to Haarlem Station. I got out and took the bus to Centrum/Verwulft, got off and went to the Optrician to let my eyes check so I can get contact lenses – sadly I need an appointment and that I have now for next Tuesday. I went to a shoe shop next door to get 2 pairs of new shoes (as my actual ones start to kill me) and went to the post office to pick up a package (which is waiting for me since Thursday).
The last stop of my detour was at a games store… where I spent nearly an hour (and several calls to my friend) to finally buy my own PSP.
After that I went home … and fed my snake (who will shed again soon).

Man. I feel better – especially after the shower I took.
Hopefully it will stay like this. The weather is not – it was nice windy and sunny before – not too warm or too cold but now it is cloudy/windy and smells like rain. Maybe these sudden changes made my head go crazy 😦 I’m getting old.


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