I’m So Happy

Aw man, I’m so happy! Really!

Got my first real (actually second but my first one was a clean for May/June without weekend shift money) salary including money for weekend shifts and bonus. I supposedly earn less money than in my last job but including all the rest I get more then before 😀 funny world.

But also… there’s another package sitting at the post office… until next week Wednesday or Thursday as I will not have time before that to pick it up  (damn you cosplay, finish yourself!).
Tales of Xillia will get out soon too – can’t wait to get my limited edition (which seems to be out in Eurpoe now too – but either already sold or a bit more expensive or GERMAN blargh)!

A friend of mine will lend me his PSP on Wednesday so I can check if a PAL verison play NTSC games (which I am pretty sure as my friend told me already… but I just want to know what kind of porn he has on his memory card … I AM FREAKING JOKING HERE RIGHT NOW!!! REALLY!) so I might buy my own PSP – I am pretty sure I will do so… addiction, you tangled me.

I was at the hairdresser today… my hair is a tiny bit shorter now – not too short as I need the hair length for Legretta end of August :3 but it feels so light~ I wonder what I will do ext year when I want to do Lily and need even longer hair 😀

Tomorrow I will probably drop by at an optrician to get my eyes checked so I can order lenses (for cosplay reasons… maybe also work… or so)

The only down side: It’s freaking humid! Bleh.


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