Introverted Person VS Extraverted Work

I wondered for some weeks now, but suddenly it hit me. Wait, what? Okay, first the scenario 😀

I am an introverted person, I don’t cherish crowds nor attention (last one actually bothers me… not because I don’t trust, but because of the lies). I’m fine with a few people being close to me but too many and I will avoid any interaction. Some people may think I’m arrogant or something – I couldn’t care less about those people who never try to find out who/how I really am. So far so good. Nothing new.

But as I have a new work now, being introverted is not of much help – in contrary: it’s exhausting.

My last job as a “Localization Specialist” (simplified: Translator) was perfect for myself being introverted: get in the bubble for work and gooooo~. It was only really exhausting because of the things I did after work. I mean: You work on a game, translate texts for it, test things, etc and then you get home and play the very same game. Something’s not right. Yes, now I know. I don’t play any of the games anymore either. Not because of work. I stopped with the last winter updates as I thought they’re ridiculous and drive the games somewhere where the “soul” of the game will not exist anymore. (Geez I could write a whole blog about the “soul” of a game)
Also some other things weren’t right… but you see these things usually when it’s too late.

So… well… after a lot of applications and a lot of “no sorry” (or nonsense) answers, no answers at all or some rumor things being spread after my application I felt I should make it easier for me and try plan B (or C in case B doesn’t work out). Plan B was a success (so no need for plan C) and therefore I found new work in less than 2 months of idling around at home. I was intraining at the company for 2 weeks and ready to go.
But what I underestimated: The job is based on an extroverted mindset.

I wasn’t aware of that up to today. Really.
I was thinking about why I feel completely exhausted after work usually after the 2nd or 3rd day. Happy, but totally wasted. Especially since I received the Upskill training (I was working 1 week after the 2 weeks training and had another training called “Upskill” for 1 week as a result of my productivity)… And then it hit me – like a lightning strikes a tree: it’s because my mind is not used to it.
Every day I need to approach customers and contract partners – they can be angry or nice, it doesn’t matter.
I need to handle every call or mail in a professional, friendly matter.

To be honest: I thought I had fun as a translator and I would never want to work in a call center willingly, but I have fun. A lot of fun which is also visible for colleagues (mostly because I start laughing my ass off with my customers on the phone).
But… it costs a lot of my energy as well and as I can not recharge this through talks with my colleagues/friends or food, I recharge it on my way home or at home. Explains my exhaustion which vanishes immediately on my first day of weekend (which is Monday/Tuesday) and returns latest on my 3rd working day.
But at the end of the day: It’s worth it. I am proud of what I do and work for… and I enjoy it.

My contract ends on 31st of September but I will do everything to prove that I am worth of keeping me.
I am a fighter, always was and I don’t want to be anything else. Every path has its up and downs and I don’t plan on going down soon 🙂


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