The (Healthy) Balance Between Life and Cosplay

Or known as: Job (earning money) VS Hobby (spending money).

Some months ago a friend of mine asked why I don’t take commissions for sewing projects as I would sew really nicely (and fast) and other people would throw away jobs to do commissions.
I was wondering what kind of person would do something this stupid, but yes… they exist. I just read something about it on (bish-portal) Facebook – this is not a quote, but basically the statement of the person: “I didn’t like a job where I could have an usual income and instead throw it away so I can do commissions. It suits me more doing something I really love than trying something new. I was afraid of having a real job and now I don’t need to be afraid anymore.”

Some people would call this: running away from life because it is easier to turn the back on something you don’t want to see instead of having the courage to challenge yourself.

Well. Maybe I shouldn’t have a big mouth asI made that kind of decision on my own once.
When I started working in the gaming industry. I love games, I thought it would be awesome… until I found out that I’m a mess. I survived 2 years and 6 months and now I know:
Yes, it was a nice experience, it helped me to improve myself… but I need a definite break between work and private life. I didn’t had this for 2.5 years.
I do now again… even if it wasn’t nice, how I got it but…
I lost 7kilos weight in 4 months, I enjoy life, I have fun (even at work), I go out and meet people, I’m not afraid to annoy people when I talk to them.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to talk behind the back of someone else (who will not even read this… most likely), but it’s just bothering me that there are actually people who do want to do something really really really stupid (without even thinking about the consequences for health insurance and other insurances, rent, bills, safety deposits, etc)  – and get encouraged by their “fans” – without any slightest hesitation.

Life is not a fucking candy bar!
(Especially not if you did not even calculated the pros and cons.)


*** End of my rant: I’ll go to bed. ***


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