Some People Do Not Give Up

For random reasons I get bugged with a few things right now…

1. A friend’s birthday present is at his place, but he is not allowed to find out what it is yet as his wife said he can’t open it before Saturday. I am the one giving it to him and I am not allowed to tell him. Still he tries to find out what it is 😀 Cute~

2. Old “colleagues” (school, university, former work) who know I do not wish to have contact try to get my contact details through several websites so they can contact me again. I am having fun about some mails from friends who ask me to forward my details so these people shut up. 😀
Honestly… what the hell? If I would feel like having contact, I would try to find these people, but well…

3. Former love interests. No clue what is going on this year, but I never had so many offers of guys I was interested in/had something going on, who want to hook up again (not that I had many anyways). Not that there’s a reason it didn’t work out, but hey…
Any other girl would be charmed by these offers, but actually it kind of bothers me. People who were ignorant towards my feelings suddenly feel like “Ey, would be nice to try it again”…hm, no thanks. 😀

Fun things… maybe. Mostly.


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